Getting Back At It…

Sorry for being quiet lately… I think I lost a little of my wind with some of the recent goings on. Then a couple other things popped up that kept my attention away from here. For one thing, losing my friend Lupe was a little tougher than I thought. So, I spent some time listening […]

A Drive-by Blogging

Hi! How’s it going? I hope it’s going well. My muse has been fickle again. 🙄 So, that means a lack of writing. No. It means a lack of good writing. I’ve been banging on my keyboard, but nothing good has been going on the page. But I didn’t want to neglect Mindracing for too […]

Game Night: The Inspiration of Music

A quick post… I’m guessing there are a bunch of folks out there that are inspired by music for many different things.  After all, that’s kind of what music is all about.  A song is written for the sole purpose of evoking a response – emotional, thoughtful or both. But let’s talk about the music […]

My Blog: I Need Your Thoughts

I’ve been kicking around the idea of going for one of the premium plans from My reasons are a bit… uncertain, but here they are anyway: I would have access to all the premium themes. I could have some pretty cool site layouts versus the limited number I have access to now. I kinda […]

Game Night: Inspiration for Adventure

So,  a while back, @missjaysouza -who writes Jay’s Brainstorms – suggested that I compose a post about where and how DMs/GMs get inspired for the world building, stories and characters that they bring to their tabletop RPG games.  What an inspired idea!!! The simple answer is EVERYWHERE. I have yet to meet a DM/GM that […]

Wow! 60 Followers… Thank You

There are 60 people in this world that have decided that my little blog is worth following.  Thank you!  I really do appreciate it. I’ve always claimed that I write for myself. I do write for myself.  I wouldn’t write if I didn’t want to or I did not find it enjoyable. BUT… I write for […]

Sorry for Being Idle

Business… laziness… not writing a blog when I’m near my computer… Those are the reasons/excuses for no posts recently.  I’m sorry about that… mostly.  I think y’all get it, though.  I got busy with some things.  I got a little lazy over the past couple of days.  When I was at my computer before that, […]

42… What Does It Mean?

I just noticed that I now have 42 followers on this here blog thingy… Y’all are gluttons for punishment or something 😉 Seriously… THANK YOU.  I very much appreciate it.  It feels good (ego boost or whatever) to know that there are some folks out there that have decided that the words I’ve banged out […]