12 Hours… 12 Days

Well, the number 13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car and her team find themselves at the virtual version of Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit this week. We are getting ready for the 12 Hours of Bathurst race on iRacing this Saturday. This track is a beast. It is literally on a small mountain. You race up to the top through some undulating twists and turns, then come down another set of undulating twists and turns to, hopefully, find yourself and your car in one piece crossing the start/finish line in as little time as possible. This is gonna be a loooonnngg race, me thinks. I haven’t gotten much practice just yet. I have turned a decent lap time… a few times… BUT I GOTTA DO IT ABOUT 30 LAPS PER STINT… 4 STINTS… WITH OTHER CARS ON THE TRACK!!! Don’t get me wrong. This track is a blast, but I’ve never had great luck here. My skill is… well… I feel it’s lacking when it comes to this track. I’m going to make make my best effort – it’s all I can do. I just hope it’s enough. My team has done a good job of setting up the car. It handles really well. I just have to figure out how to make use of that in a manner that gets me around that track for nearly 120 laps (my 4 stints out of 12) so that the car is handed off to the next driver in good shape.

The truth is that we stand a chance to do really well here, if we keep our heads about us and not get too aggressive. That is much easier said than done when the object is to be the first team to cross the finish line 12 hours after the green flag drops. But it appears that a strategic race will pay off much bigger than trying to race door handle to door handle with every other GT3 car out there. Any race that I’ve seen here in the real world or in simulation appears to have a great deal of attrition. This track is tough, and it will slap a driver and race car hard for just a simple mistake or lapse in concentration. There are hard walls on the technical parts of the track. The track is arguably not that wide, either. This place can have a “pinball” effect on cars that lose it. And the lack of width combined with close racing can create some… traffic jams.

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m hopping in the virtual race car again. I’m looking forward to it in spite of the angst. I think the nerves might be part of the fun… go figure.

Until next time 🙂

We Made It…

iRacing’s 24 Hours of Daytona

The #13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car gridded P15 in class on this past Saturday morning. The green flag dropped on a rolling start that entered turn 1 cleanly for the entire field. Alan, Adam, JR and I took turns driving this beast around Daytona International Speedway’s road course for 24 hours as quickly as possible. Our goal? Finish in as high a position as possible in the GT3 class.

We finished in 8th. It was a hard earned 8th position for sure. The car did not look this clean and this free of damage at the end. Mistakes were made and we paid the price in a loss of top speed and a reduction in handling capability. We had to learn how to drive the car again after a couple of on-track “altercations” had changed the handling of the car. The virtual pit crew could only repair so much, and we, the drivers, were stuck with the remaining damage.

But pushing through fatigue in the middle of the night, trying to stay focused, in general, while making the same turns over and over again and dodging the traffic in the form of classes of cars that were much faster than us were signs of our determination and desire to endure to the end.

It would pay off, though.

No, it was not a spectacular ending. No, we didn’t win… even if we had, there was no trophy (maybe an “atta boy” from other drivers) to be had. There were just memories and the satisfaction that we had taken our hobby of sim racing to the next level and drove our team car – like those in real life – from the day through the night and back to the day. And at the end, we finished the race with the car in one piece (mostly) as a team.

Where Was I???

So, I got that race in the other night. 144 minutes in a 5-speed manual with two pit stops. I started in 22nd position (out of 22… don’t ask) and finished in 10th. I felt pretty good about the whole experience. It was fun getting back into my virtual race career on iRacing. I’m looking very forward to running in the iRacing 24 Hours at Daytona race next Saturday. Delta-V Racing will consist of 4 drivers that will attempt to get the Mercedes GT3 car around the track as quickly as possible, as many times as possible in a 24-hour period. If all goes well, and our pace is quick enough, we should finish quite well in the GT3 class next Saturday.

There’s other stuff that’s been going on. In particular, a lot of time is being used to work with a new puppy that we’ve had for about a week. Koji is just shy of 4 months old. He is a Sheba Inu. Interesting little gremlin. Needless to say, he is keeping us busy around here with all his needs and our desire to have him house broken and not requiring constant supervision. I will say, though, that he is damn smart and catching on to “the rules” quickly. I’m not what you would call a dog person, but he’s pretty cool. The rest of the family finds him to be quite the treasure.

I’ll keep this short – time for Koji to go outside again ;-P I’ll try and post again soon.

Still Around…

Some time has passed since my last expulsion of verbiage in the general direction of this blog thingy.

My apologies to those that take any measure of pleasure and/or joy reading my posts.

My condolences to those that wish I would just quit typing…  eh… no… tough shit 🙂

I’ve been passing most of my recent time working during the day and gaming/goofing off with friends in the evening and weekends.  The wife and I have spent some good time together, too.  I went to visit family and friends in my home town since my last post – it’s most always time well spent there.  Otherwise, I’ve just been… living daily life, I suppose.

While it is nothing spectacular, I really have not felt compelled to lodge a complaint about being bored or not being some sort of extraordinarily productive member of society.

Don’t get me wrong… my ego would very much like hearing that something I’ve written or done has had a great effect on some people.  Let’s face it, it’s a good feeling when something you’ve written gets a good reaction from even just one person.

That being said, however, I stick by my previous statement of being okay with my humdrum life as of late.  I have not felt very compelled to do more.

Now it hasn’t all been “Groundhog Day” for me and the wife, especially very recently.  But it’s nothing serious and nothing worth posting about, either.

The only significant “change” I have made since my last post is that I have “officially” taken a break from my virtual racing career on iRacing.  I guess I just need a break.  My enthusiasm has waned significantly.  I found myself getting angry at small mistakes way too easy during practices.  I even rage quit a race – something I typically don’t do.  So, I’ve decided not to get on iRacing until after the first of the year.  I may already be looking forward to getting back on there, too.  That’s a good thing.  The bottom line is that I need a real break from my hobby.  My recent half-hearted attempts to compete with my race team have not been good for me, and have done absolutely nothing for them.

My mind has been lingering on tabletop gaming (RPGs) lately.  I think I would like to throw my hat back in the D&D ring for a bit.  If I start gaming, I promise to make posts about the game/characters and the story.

I’ve started streaming again a little bit while playing 7 Days to Die (fun game).  This can be fun to watch since I’m doing this with my best friend and a small group of friends.  I’ll put the links below.

I have found myself enjoying playing the game Cities: Skylines.  It’s a city building simulator. I find the creativity and manipulating the infrastructure of a city oddly relaxing and satisfying.

So, that’s the 10,000 foot view.  Sorry it isn’t something more spectacular.  Maybe it’ll get better?

Thanks for “listening”.

Race Team: Ridin’ Shotgun Motorsports

Twitch Stream: www.twitch.tv/myrok9


Bumpy Start to ’18


The holidays went pretty well; had some good visits with friends and family; enjoyed the gifts from Christmas.  Then December 26th happened.  Type A flu struck a big chunk of the family.  That sucked.  We were laid up for most of the holiday vacation.  We’re still recovering from it.

Then I’ve decided to change careers.  I’m getting into project management.  It was a tough decision when the choice was presented to me.  So, after giving notice to my current employer, I’m anxiously awaiting the set time to start my new career.  It’s a little scary, but I’m hopeful and looking forward to it.  Needless to say, it’s been on my mind quite a bit.

On top of that stuff, I’ve been mentally prodding myself to get back into my hobby that is iRacing.  I have been on-and-off with it for about 2 years now.  It’s not that I haven’t jumped in my rig and raced periodically.  I have even been running in the Majors League during this time, too, but I have not been heavily involved like I used to be.  I do miss the way it used to be, but I am also a little apprehensive about jumping back into it with both feet.  I guess those waters will be tested tomorrow night with the first Lone Star Sports Car Series race in around 2 years.  Gonna knock the dust off the McLaren MP4-12c.

PacMajors MP4 RidinShotgun-1

I’m going to have to get better at time management, too.  I want to put time in to my online racing, but I also want to keep in touch with my best friend, AND I want to keep writing.  These things have to be squeezed in around work and time with my family (the most important piece of this puzzle I call my life).  Wish me luck…

Bloggity, Blog, Blog

I am determined not to let this blog sit too idle.  Sorry to those that might actually be interested in reading this for not posting more often.

Let’s just say that I’ve been “cruising” through life since my last post.  It’s a habit of mine to just coast for a bit after the holidays.  I don’t know that it’s a good habit, but…  I don’t know that it’s a bad habit, either.  I’m not always “productive”. And while a feel some guilt – sometimes – for not being productive (outside of going to work daily), I don’t feel that guilty.  Yes, time flies and all that, but I don’t consider it a bad thing to just exist now and then.

I guess I haven’t been too idle, though.  My sim racing hobby has been a bit more in my focus since the holidays.  I joined the Pacific Majors league again this year.  It’s a pretty cool league.  It’s not without its drama and bullsh!t, but I enjoy it.  We get to run in different types of races with different types of cars, so it is quite interesting having to learn the different race disciplines.

This next Sunday (2/26/17) I get to race in the Pacific Majors’ version of the Daytona 500.  I’m looking forward to it.  For some reason, I really like the restrictor plate racing, especially since I’ve had the opportunity to participate in it rather than just watching it on TV.  It’s very intense trying to keep the car under control in a group of cars going ~200mph and only being inches apart.  So much concentration is required… very intense 😀

I’ve been on “TV”, too… well YouTube.  The Pac Majors league has the top 2 splits of these races streamed/broadcasted live by professional streamers.  It’s kind of cool being able to go back and watch the race you were just in, and possibly seeing yourself (well, your car) and having your name mentioned.  I just wish my name was mentioned more often for being fast and making it to the front versus getting into wrecks 😳  That’s something I need to work on a bit :mrgreen:  Come watch a stream anyway, especially if you like auto racing.  I’ll try to post the different YouTube channels where the streams will be.

Other than that… well… like I said, I’ve just been moseying through life since the first of the year.  I think I’ll be getting more active on here again, though.  It might be more about my sim racing stuff, but it will be something.

As always, let me know what you think.  Ask me questions.  Ask me to write about something.  This blog does not have to be a one-way thing.  I would very much enjoy hearing back from readers.

Later 😉

Post Ass Whip…

Well that first week at the new job was an ass whip. But…  It was a good thing.  I like the new job.  The learning curve is MONSTROUS!!!  I’m gonna love some of the challenges.  There is so much to learn and what seems to be a good bunch of folks to work with.

There is much less angst going to work now.  Yeah, I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to dealing with new jobs.  I guess it’s because I want to make a good impression as soon as possible.  I want to be a valuable member of the team right away.  Some of it was the other big changes that came with the job, a longer day and a much longer commute.  I have less personal time during the week since I work a 9-hour day and have every other Friday off.  The Friday thing seems kinda cool, but I’ll have to get used to 10 hours at work plus about an hour round-trip.  I got very used to being 4 miles from work and having the opportunity to come home for lunch on a near daily basis.

I was actually looking forward to going to work today…

This weekend iRacing hosted the 24 Hours at Spa.  With the new job and a week out of town the week before, I had no chance to prep for this team endurance racing event. But Ridin’ Shotgun Motorsports put a car on the grid and ended up doing quite well.  There were some trials to be sure, but they worked out a podium (3rd place) finish.  Nice going, boys.  I can’t wait until the next endurance race.  I am definitely wanting to get back into iRacing.  I’ve… missed it.

Next on the list of shit to do is get the daughter to college.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

Later 😉