Game Night… Consent?

I need to mention, up front, that I have not downloaded this thing from Monte Cook games (yet), so some of the thoughts that have been formed in my head are based on the threads/arguments/rants that I have read.  Please, forgive AND inform me if I have something skewed. I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games […]

Game Night Is Upon Me

I’m not sure what exactly to think or how to feel about this.  Sunday night – as of right now – will be my first “game night” in quite some time. Let’s define “game night” from my perspective.  To me, it means tabletop role-playing games.  It means D&D, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, Twilight 2000, Hero, […]

Another One in the Books…

Well, like so many others, I’ve decided to acknowledge the end of another year. I’m not going to provide any horse shit reflections and promises of great futures, though. I try to be a realist and keep an open mind. I also don’t get overly wound up about things unless… Just don’t mistake my apparent […]

Free Will… What a Pain in the Ass

So, there’s a guy’s blog I follow on here.  Dirty Sci-fi Buddha has got some interesting things rattling around in his head.  He likes to philosophize about shit 😀  It is very thought provoking and entertaining.  He posts really good stuff and it’s worth reading and processing.  Do yourself a favor and go check it […]

I Should Be Working

‘Tis true, good folks.  I should be utilizing my synapses and command of the keyboard to  produce content in a document that is part of my task list in the “professional” portion of my life.  Yet, here I sit, pelting this keyboard with fingers driven by synapses that have an apparent need to express themselves […]


I have started wondering periodically if there is any wisdom in preparing myself and family for living off the grid… I look at some of the shit going on in the world and start wondering if I should become a little like some of those folks that spend considerable time and resources to prepare and […]

20 Followers… woo hoo???

I just noticed that I have 20 followers.  At first, I was like, “Very cool!”  Then I noticed something else.  I saw that one of the followers is me.  I don’t remember following myself, but okay… <shrugs>.  Then I noticed that 2 of my followers are the same person.  So, I guess, technically I have […]

The Waiting Game…

It’s both a good and bad thing that I am approaching the last week of my current source of employment.  It’s good because I have chosen to challenge myself and strive for a new career path that should take me into a continually lucrative future.  I am concerned that my current trade has peaked, and […]

Net Neutrality…

Is everybody aware of this upcoming vote about the Net Neutrality laws?  I hope so.  This is some scary stuff.  Do you know what Net Neutrality is?  In a nutshell, it means that the internet service provider (ISP) that you pay to have internet access is required by law to let you use the bandwidth […]