Hey, Friday!!! Winter’s Knocking :-)

Yay!!!  It’s Friday!!!

Oh yeah, and Winter showed up in North Texas.  There’s a pretty stiff wind blowing from the north.  We’ve got a freeze watch for early tomorrow morning.  I stepped outside this morning to get the lunch box I left in the truck last night and some “shrinkage” ensued.

And I have been all fired up this morning.

I can’t tell you why, but I have always liked the arrival of winter weather.  That has been the case all of my life, even when I lived in Missouri (they were actually getting a light dusting of snow last night).  There is something about the arrival of cold weather I like.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve cursed cold weather quite often, too.  Now that I’m older, the aches and pains that cold weather brings to me are very noticeable.  But overall, I think I’d rather have this cool/cold weather than the heat of summer.  With cold weather, you can always put enough clothing on to reach some level of warmth and comfort.

Y’all don’t want me taking off the clothes necessary to make me comfortable in the summer.

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I don’t think it’s legal, either…

Anyway, enjoy Friday because it starts the weekend.  I know I’m ready for the weekend.  And any North Texans out there, don’t forget to cover or bring in any weeds you consider worth keeping around.

Y’all can take off the welding masks now.  I’m putting more clothes on.