Race Day! When’s Game Night?

Hey.  Wassup?  I hope shit’s going good 🙂 I guess things are going okay for me.  There are few complaints, I suppose. Anyway, I decided to “bark” a little bit about the next couple of hobby things going on for me. First, is my next endurance race.  iRacing is putting on its yearly version of […]

Post Race Report

We done good… mostly  😉 12 Hours of Bathurst (see my previous post)… Well, we could have done better.  We qualified 6th position out of 51 cars.  The race team was feeling pretty good about this.  We were confident that we had pace and skill enough to keep the car in the fight for the […]

12 Hours… 12 Days

Well, the number 13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car and her team find themselves at the virtual version of Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit this week. We are getting ready for the 12 Hours of Bathurst race on iRacing this Saturday. This track is a beast. It is literally on a small mountain. You […]

We Made It…

iRacing’s 24 Hours of Daytona The #13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car gridded P15 in class on this past Saturday morning. The green flag dropped on a rolling start that entered turn 1 cleanly for the entire field. Alan, Adam, JR and I took turns driving this beast around Daytona International Speedway’s road course […]

Mind Racing >>> Sim Racing

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was getting back into iRacing after a much needed break.  Well, the December race didn’t happen for me.  I got sick.  I caught a nasty little cold that kept me down for a few days – one of those days was race day . The new year […]

Still Around…

Some time has passed since my last expulsion of verbiage in the general direction of this blog thingy. My apologies to those that take any measure of pleasure and/or joy reading my posts. My condolences to those that wish I would just quit typing…  eh… no… tough shit 🙂 I’ve been passing most of my […]

I’m not dead, I was racing… again ;-)

Sorry for the silence… I’ve been busy and distracted; sometimes separately, sometimes all at once. So, anyway, I went to the iRace4Life.org 2016 seminar last week.  I had a blast.  It’s always so much fun.  It’s a great experience getting together with a bunch of folks that are into the same hobby.  I get to […]

Now THAT was a Race!!!

Oh, hell yeah!!!  I haven’t raced more than twice in the past month.  I’ve been burnt out.  I was getting tired of some of the same old shit.  I’ll leave it at that.  I needed a break from that, so I have not been racing.  Tonight, though, I felt like “getting back to basics”.  So, […]

‘Flawless Victory’…

Wow!  Even my own blog page bitches at me when I go too long without making a post.  Really.  It gave me a message that it had been about 11 days since I last posted.  Fine!  I’ll post. 😛 So, I jumped into a virtual race car last night, and it was a good thing. […]

Not Quite What I Had In Mind

That didn’t quite work out as hoped… My Daytona 500 ended a little early when I got caught up in, technically, the last “big one”.  I really didn’t have a way to avoid it, either.  I watched the replay and saw one possible out, but I think it would have resulted in car damage anyway […]