Mind Racing >>> Sim Racing

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was getting back into iRacing after a much needed break.  Well, the December race didn’t happen for me.  I got sick.  I caught a nasty little cold that kept me down for a few days – one of those days was race day :-/ .

The new year has brought on the addition of some plans that my one friend and I have concocted for sim racing “careers”.  He created a race team for him and I and a likely rotating list of others that will join us periodically.  Our primary purpose for this team is to run in the team endurance events iRacing puts on throughout the year.  Enter Delta-V Racing…

He came up with the name and logo (I’ll try to remember to post some car pictures soon. I don’t have access to them currently), and we started making some plans to run in the endurance sim racing events this year.  Our first is the 24 Hours of Daytona.  Yep, it’s similar to the actual Rolex 24 that IMSA runs every year.  Multiple classes of cars will compete within there class at the same time out on the track for 24 hours.

The goal of such a race?  Well aside from the obvious (winning, of course), the goal is to survive and finish the entire race.  It is preferable to survive with an undamaged car.  I’m here to tell you that is no small feat.  Winning is something even more spectacular.

The hitch is that these different classes of cars are all of varying speeds and handling capabilities out on the track.  So, you have to contend with traffic while trying to be the first one in your class to get around the track each lap… for 24 hours.  Then on top of that is the fact that it’s a team event.  Multiple drivers in the same car throughout the race.  When the car comes in for fuel and tires, we swap drivers.  Some of us are faster.  Some are slower.  Some handle traffic better.  We take turns knocking out laps throughout the entire race with that same set of goals… survive and try to win.  The strategies at play become quite complex.  It’s not always the fastest car in class that wins, either.

I’m looking very forward to this first race.  We’ve got our race team.  We have a planned schedule for who drives when.  There are four of us: me, my buddy and two other mutual sim racing friends that have joined us for this race.  Yep, 24 hours of racing and 4 guys to get it done.  I am running 6 stints; that’s about 6 hours of driving in the car.  I won’t do this all at once.  We have planned to run 2 stints at a time and swap drivers to give us all breaks.  The race starts about 8’ish on Saturday (January 19th) morning.  I’m not actually scheduled to be in the car until about 3:30 or 4:00 that afternoon.  Then I’m back for 2 stints from about 7 pm to 9 pm.  And, finally, I’ll be pushing through the early morning hours from about 3 am to 5 am.  My friend that “owns” the team will be starting the race on Saturday morning and then finishing the race on Sunday morning.  The other to drives will handle the other 12 hours.  Got to stay awake.  Got to stay focused.

If all goes well, we’ll just click off the laps and run by the planned numbers.  Heh, yeah… right…

Wish us luck 🙂


Still Around…

Some time has passed since my last expulsion of verbiage in the general direction of this blog thingy.

My apologies to those that take any measure of pleasure and/or joy reading my posts.

My condolences to those that wish I would just quit typing…  eh… no… tough shit 🙂

I’ve been passing most of my recent time working during the day and gaming/goofing off with friends in the evening and weekends.  The wife and I have spent some good time together, too.  I went to visit family and friends in my home town since my last post – it’s most always time well spent there.  Otherwise, I’ve just been… living daily life, I suppose.

While it is nothing spectacular, I really have not felt compelled to lodge a complaint about being bored or not being some sort of extraordinarily productive member of society.

Don’t get me wrong… my ego would very much like hearing that something I’ve written or done has had a great effect on some people.  Let’s face it, it’s a good feeling when something you’ve written gets a good reaction from even just one person.

That being said, however, I stick by my previous statement of being okay with my humdrum life as of late.  I have not felt very compelled to do more.

Now it hasn’t all been “Groundhog Day” for me and the wife, especially very recently.  But it’s nothing serious and nothing worth posting about, either.

The only significant “change” I have made since my last post is that I have “officially” taken a break from my virtual racing career on iRacing.  I guess I just need a break.  My enthusiasm has waned significantly.  I found myself getting angry at small mistakes way too easy during practices.  I even rage quit a race – something I typically don’t do.  So, I’ve decided not to get on iRacing until after the first of the year.  I may already be looking forward to getting back on there, too.  That’s a good thing.  The bottom line is that I need a real break from my hobby.  My recent half-hearted attempts to compete with my race team have not been good for me, and have done absolutely nothing for them.

My mind has been lingering on tabletop gaming (RPGs) lately.  I think I would like to throw my hat back in the D&D ring for a bit.  If I start gaming, I promise to make posts about the game/characters and the story.

I’ve started streaming again a little bit while playing 7 Days to Die (fun game).  This can be fun to watch since I’m doing this with my best friend and a small group of friends.  I’ll put the links below.

I have found myself enjoying playing the game Cities: Skylines.  It’s a city building simulator. I find the creativity and manipulating the infrastructure of a city oddly relaxing and satisfying.

So, that’s the 10,000 foot view.  Sorry it isn’t something more spectacular.  Maybe it’ll get better?

Thanks for “listening”.

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I’m not dead, I was racing… again ;-)

Sorry for the silence…

I’ve been busy and distracted; sometimes separately, sometimes all at once.

So, anyway, I went to the iRace4Life.org 2016 seminar last week.  I had a blast.  It’s always so much fun.  It’s a great experience getting together with a bunch of folks that are into the same hobby.  I get to meet folks from all around the country, and even a few from other parts of the world.  I get to attend presentations about software and gear that supports the sim-racing hobby.  There are even presentations from a couple of the top sim-racers.  They pass on their knowledge of driving technique and setting up cars to help us get better.

The best part, though, is hanging out with the guys I race with on a regular basis.  I might get to talk to them online, but it’s a lot of fun hanging out with them in real life.  Some of these guys have become pretty good friends.  I believe we all had a lot of fun there.  I can’t wait to do it again next year.

This all got started by this guy, Sion Alford.  To call him a great guy is a major understatement.  He put this whole seminar thing together a few years ago, and he has continued to make sure it’s great every year and free.  Yeah, the whole 2.5 day seminar is FREE.  We get to bring our rigs, hook up to the venue network and power, get to race for prizes, attend the presentations and get fed breakfast, lunch and dinner for free.  It’s completely awesome.  I can never thank Sion enough.  He turned his hobby into a great experience he shares with others and made a charity (iRace4Life) out of it so that iRacers can give back to charities of their choice.  Go check out the site.  I linked it above.

My “icing on the cake” this year was receiving a wonderful gift.  I was given the base and “frame work” for a sim-racing rig.  This one guy I race with in Texas Club offered it up to anyone that could go pick it up, and I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s very well built.  This guy makes part of his living by building sim-rigs and it doing a great job.  The one he let me have is one of his older rigs that he no longer had use for.  I now am customizing my very own sim-racing rig; taking my hobby to the next level.  My wife, among others, things I’m nuts… maybe 🙂  I still have some work to do, but I’ll be back on iRacing soon.  My hiatus – something I considered a good thing – is now over, I think.  I’m looking forward to bringing the #90 back to the track.

Thanks once again, Carlos.  And anybody interested in this hobby needs to check out his work.

A L Racing Simulators on Facebook

A L Racing Simulators site

Now THAT was a Race!!!

SRF Race 041516-2

Oh, hell yeah!!!  I haven’t raced more than twice in the past month.  I’ve been burnt out.  I was getting tired of some of the same old shit.  I’ll leave it at that.  I needed a break from that, so I have not been racing.  Tonight, though, I felt like “getting back to basics”.  So, I jumped into a Spec Racer Ford to see how it would go.  It was an awesome reminder of why I love racing – virtual or otherwise.

See up there?  Yeah.  That’s me in the #10 Logitech/Texas Club Spec Racer Ford.  THAT is what it looked like for 7 laps of the 12 lap race at Silverstone.  That #6 guy and I were almost perfectly matched in speed and skill.  Now, I didn’t win.  We were racing for 5th place.  But, oh, did we race!  He was a little quicker in spots, and I was a little quicker in other spots of the track.  The icing on the cake?  He wasn’t an asshole.  He raced me clean.  I raced him clean.  THAT’S racing!  No bullshit.  No asshole trying to bump you.  Just two drivers pushing as hard as they can to be in front of the other guy.

The even better part… I beat him.  I got 5th with him a couple seconds behind by the end.  I think the guy gave up, or I wore him out.  He made one little mistake on lap 8, and I cashed in on it.  After that, he couldn’t seem to keep up, or he just didn’t want to run that hard any more.  So much fun.  That was a great reminder of why I love to race.  I needed that.  My thanks to the SRF community on iRacing.  Some of you guys (like that guy in #6) are really cool, racing hard but clean.

‘Flawless Victory’…

Wow!  Even my own blog page bitches at me when I go too long without making a post.  Really.  It gave me a message that it had been about 11 days since I last posted.  Fine!  I’ll post. 😛

So, I jumped into a virtual race car last night, and it was a good thing.  I rolled out in the Spec Racer Ford (SRF).  It’s a fun little car that requires some attention and technique to get around a track at its top speed.  The track?  Watkins Glen, baby!  I love that track.  It was the “Classic Boot” configuration, so no chicane/bus stop at the end of the straight before the carousel turn.  That car, that track and I get along pretty good.

I went into a practice session to see if I could shake off enough cob webs to get a fair run and, at least, finish a race with minimal incidents. Well, I crashed on the first 2 practice laps I tried to make.  I was thinking that maybe I should just log out of iRacing and continue my self-imposed sabbatical, but then I ran lap 3 with a reasonable lap time versus the others in the practice session.  On lap 4 I was declared 3rd fastest in session.  The top 2 were Spec Racer aliens with high iRatings, etc.  I was feeling pretty good about this.

Next, I tweaked the setup after a half dozen laps to see if I could get a bit more “comfort” in the turns.  The baseline setup was not bad, but the car was feeling a little squirrely getting through turns at a decent speed.  A couple of tweaks and BOOM, the car felt good for my level of skill.  It felt predictable and I saved a couple of slides in spite of pushing a little too hard on turn entry.

By that time I had fallen to 7th fastest in practice since a couple of “regulars” had entered the session.  I figured, “What the hell,” and decided to let it all hang out on a lap to see where I stacked up.  And hang out, I did.  I went back to 5th fastest and only a half second off the “alien” pace.  The 2 regulars were a little over a tenth second faster than me.  That’s pretty good, for me.

Race time…  I got into the race session which starts with a 2-lap solo qualifying run.

I. got. the. pole.

Don’t ask me how because I don’t know.  I was in a lower split than the aliens, but I had the other 2 guys that were faster than me in practice in my race split.  I squeaked by them by less than a tenth of a second… cool.

The lights turned green to start the race, and I had a shit launch off the grid.  I dumped the clutch, spun the tires, then shifted too early.  I lost 3 spots by the time I reached the straight away.  I was instantly thinking I used up my mojo in practice and qualifying.  It’s happened before… way too many times :-/

Two laps later, I was in the lead.  I had raced those guys hard, but clean, AND I was pulling away.  I was thinking there was no way I was going to keep this up.  Something was going to go wrong, or one of those 2 fast guys were going to catch me.  Now this isn’t me talking myself out of a good race.  I’m just aware of my capabilities and was aware of the fact these guys were faster in practice.  So, I wasn’t being all negative and stuff.  I was keeping my head in “reality” so I wouldn’t do something stupid like get too relaxed, lose concentration and dump it into a wall.

They never caught me, though.  They were faster, but I was more consistent and did not have to race anybody for the rest of the 12-lap race.  I just kept my head and clicked off the laps, one turn at a time.  I had NO incidents, too, which is something that just doesn’t happen for me.  I had no off-tracks or loss of control.  I ran the “perfect” race… flawless victory.

I won’t lie and say I’m going to get off my sabbatical after this nice little gift.  I’m not ready yet.  BUT… I was reminded by having that kind of race and that kind of fun why I love to race.  My victories and successes are further between than others, but they are no less sweet.

I’ll be back fellow iRacers 😉

Not Quite What I Had In Mind

That didn’t quite work out as hoped…

My Daytona 500 ended a little early when I got caught up in, technically, the last “big one”.  I really didn’t have a way to avoid it, either.  I watched the replay and saw one possible out, but I think it would have resulted in car damage anyway as I slapped the outside wall.  So, by not taking that route, my night ended with less than 50 laps to go when I T-boned a guy that spun in front of me and didn’t slide down to the infield.

With that said, though, I had a lot of fun.  I worked at staying with my Texas club mates and my race team throughout the race.  I helped keep our strategy in play.  And when it was time to start working towards the front of the pack to put as many Texas guys in the front as possible, it was starting to happen as planned.  We had the cars set up to do what we were planning, and it was working.  That’s a good feeling.

We were riding around in the back for about 2/3 of the race.  I could tell that we had good cars because we weren’t working too awful hard to stay together and work around others that we didn’t want to be near.  It was just about running a heads-up race and avoiding the wrecks – something, I’m sorry to say, didn’t happen at the end.  Nonetheless, up to the crash, things looked and felt pretty good.  That’s what made it fun.

By the way, it didn’t end at the last crash.  One of our own ended up winning, and we had 3 Texans in the top 5.  The guy that one was part of my race team.  Can’t complain about that… on to the next one 😉