Wow! 60 Followers… Thank You

There are 60 people in this world that have decided that my little blog is worth following.  Thank you!  I really do appreciate it.

I’ve always claimed that I write for myself. I do write for myself.  I wouldn’t write if I didn’t want to or I did not find it enjoyable.


I write for you, too.  Pride boost aside, it’s exciting to know that there are others in the world that want to read what I’ve written.  It motivates me to keep going because now I have more than one reason to write 🙂

It’s even more exciting getting the likes and the comments.  That tells me that what I’ve written has inspired you enough to let me know that you like my stuff and/or want to discuss, critique, argue… whatever, about what I’ve written.  Feedback, good or bad, means that you took the time to read it and were motivated enough by what you read to give that feedback.  I really do feel grateful for that.  And I’ll keep going for you.

60 followers… it’s a good feeling.

Thanks again.



Good vibes…

Catholic poet & writer

candle-546563_1280-1028x683What is this that glows within?
A flame of love, burning gently away,
the dross of worldliness caked upon a soul.
A flicker of light against a dark
merciless existence of days filled
with useless clatter and empty hours.
A flame of love, kindled from beyond
and above the understanding of humanity.
Snuffed out only by faithlessness,
burning ever in silence of soul
for the soul longing for its warmth.

© 2019 richard k carlton

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Hey, Friday!!! Winter’s Knocking :-)

Yay!!!  It’s Friday!!!

Oh yeah, and Winter showed up in North Texas.  There’s a pretty stiff wind blowing from the north.  We’ve got a freeze watch for early tomorrow morning.  I stepped outside this morning to get the lunch box I left in the truck last night and some “shrinkage” ensued.

And I have been all fired up this morning.

I can’t tell you why, but I have always liked the arrival of winter weather.  That has been the case all of my life, even when I lived in Missouri (they were actually getting a light dusting of snow last night).  There is something about the arrival of cold weather I like.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve cursed cold weather quite often, too.  Now that I’m older, the aches and pains that cold weather brings to me are very noticeable.  But overall, I think I’d rather have this cool/cold weather than the heat of summer.  With cold weather, you can always put enough clothing on to reach some level of warmth and comfort.

Y’all don’t want me taking off the clothes necessary to make me comfortable in the summer.

Blog 012916

I don’t think it’s legal, either…

Anyway, enjoy Friday because it starts the weekend.  I know I’m ready for the weekend.  And any North Texans out there, don’t forget to cover or bring in any weeds you consider worth keeping around.

Y’all can take off the welding masks now.  I’m putting more clothes on.

Thinking Out Loud…

Would this blog not serve a greater purpose than collecting digital dust if the author would simply get off his ass (metaphorically speaking, of course) and type another entry?

I think the possibility of a greater purpose for this poor, left-in-the-lurch blog is just that… a possibility.

That is, of course, if the author truly does quit sitting on his brains (again metaphorically speaking… well, maybe) and begins to produce some semblance of prose that might give some indication of even the most remote notion of a desire to produce this aforementioned item… prose, words, fluff, drivel, vocabular vomit, phrasal flatulence…

You get the point.

Now where is that thing?  It was here somewhere.  Oh, come on!  I can’t even think what it’s called at the moment, damn it.  But I need it to get the digits banging on the keyboard again with reckless abandon.

Help me out 😉


Test Market


Let’s see what YOU think…

The goblin snarled and spat something in its disagreeable sounding language.  Yellow eyes filled with hatred gleamed with bloodlust.  Bern had been forced to deal with a goblin before, but not like this.  The goblin he had encountered a year ago near his father’s barn put on a show of being a threat but ran off as soon as he hefted his club and made it obvious he was going to fight.  This one, though, was a little bigger and apparently a lot meaner.  Bern suddenly felt compelled to decide if maybe he should run.

The enraged goblin repeated whatever it had said before and took a few steps forward.  It was less than 10 paces away now.  It also drew a primitive, but very nasty looking shaped bone dagger.  Bern realized this one was not bluffing.  He had no idea what the goblin was saying, but he had a distinct feeling that it had something to do with what the goblin was planning on doing with is body parts.  A cold chill went down Bern’s spine as the adrenaline in his body was released.  Fight or flight?

As his heart began to pump and his breathing quickened, Bern’s instinct told him that a fight was inevitable.  So, he raised his trusty ironwood club holding it at waist height, level with the ground and angled off to the right.  He let his knees bend slightly and ground his feet into the loose soil.  He was going to let the goblin make the first move and close the distance between them.  Bern planned on forcing the goblin to rush him hoping to get a good swing before having to deal with dodging that vicious looking dagger it was brandishing. He hoped he could keep forcing the goblin to run by and have to turn and rush in again.  Bern knew his club was useless if the goblin got inside his swing.  Bern also knew that all it would take was one good swing.

Well?  More?  Shut up?  Let me know  🙂

Return to Normal?

So, I’m sitting here in my racing/gaming rig partially watching my buddy, his brother and another friend play World of Tanks on my buddy’s Twitch stream.  I’m plugged into their TeamSpeak channel so that I can make comments… or not.  I’m also listening to an album on Spotify that has music inspired by Fast and Furious.  And now I’ve decided to start typing on this here blog thingy.

I don’t know if I’m tired or bored.  It feels like tired, though.  If I wasn’t tired, I’d likely be more enthusiastic about this and other things I’d like to do.  I guess I’m still adjusting to the longer work days.  It’s amazing the difference that adding an hour to the work day has made for me.  That and the longer commute has me leaving early and getting home a lot later – couple hours or more – each day versus when I had my 4-mile commute.  I used to come home for lunch, too; another difference.  Oh well, I’ll get used to it.

My daughter seems to have taken to being a college student living away from home quite well.  She has found some friends to game with and seems to be getting along with her roommate.  I’m proud of her… very proud of her.  I think her academic success will continue.

So, Mind the Shadows and other things…


It’s time to get back at that writing thing.  It’s not a secret that I’ve been distracted with all the changes in my life.  But I no longer see that as an excuse to not be writing.  I do need to get the muse stoked again, though.  I haven’t had good story thoughts in my head very much lately… hardly at all.  So, suggestions are welcome.  I guess I really could use some thoughtful feedback on Mind the Shadows, or maybe some thoughts on what y’all would like to see me try to write.  Seriously, talk to me.  I’ll likely crank crap out anyway, but your feedback might keep the crap from smelling too bad 😉

I’ve been racing a little again.  It’s good to be back turning laps on iRacing.  I rep’d Ridin’ Shotgun Motorsports pretty well the other night.  I won a league race.  It wasn’t anything spectacular, but I kept the car clean and MOSTLY on the track.  The leader had some issues and my steady run allowed me to cash in and take the top spot on the podium at the end.  Dramatic or not, a win feels good.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I like to keep my posts as short as possible for you guys.  I don’t wanna bore you to death. Catch y’all next time.

Leap Day… MuckinFonday

It’s a shame we can’t whittle Mondays down to once every 4 years.  :-/

I can’t say Leap Day was a great day.  It was a Monday.  I started a hashtag on Facebook a while back, heh, heh: #muckinfondays

I’ve got a few things tagged out there under that hashtag.

I’m not a Monday person for sure, so I like to try and post a little crap event that happens on a Monday and tag it.  I got to do that today.  For some reason, it makes me feel a little better about Mondays.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I bitched or just put it out there for others to relate.  I do know that it’s kind of fun, and helps lighten up a rough start to the week.

Hope you survived your Monday 😉