Hunting for the Mojo. Input Needed.

Still getting back at it, so it seems… sorry folks. Yeah, I’m still hunting for the mojo. If I could find my muse, I’d whip it’s fickle ass right now. I got shit to do, folks! I have Game Night summaries to write. I have my D&D campaign to keep on track. And yes, I […]

Busy Holidays…

Hey all! I wanted to drop a post to let y’all know that the holidays will likely be keeping me busy.  In fact, my lack of posting is already a result of Thanksgiving and the push into the Christmas/New Year time frame. I also wanted to make sure I wished everybody a happy holiday season.  […]

Wow! 60 Followers… Thank You

There are 60 people in this world that have decided that my little blog is worth following.  Thank you!  I really do appreciate it. I’ve always claimed that I write for myself. I do write for myself.  I wouldn’t write if I didn’t want to or I did not find it enjoyable. BUT… I write for […]


Originally posted on Catholic poet & writer:
What is this that glows within? A flame of love, burning gently away, the dross of worldliness caked upon a soul. A flicker of light against a dark merciless existence of days filled with useless clatter and empty hours. A flame of love, kindled from beyond and above…

Hey, Friday!!! Winter’s Knocking :-)

Yay!!!  It’s Friday!!! Oh yeah, and Winter showed up in North Texas.  There’s a pretty stiff wind blowing from the north.  We’ve got a freeze watch for early tomorrow morning.  I stepped outside this morning to get the lunch box I left in the truck last night and some “shrinkage” ensued. And I have been […]

Thinking Out Loud…

Would this blog not serve a greater purpose than collecting digital dust if the author would simply get off his ass (metaphorically speaking, of course) and type another entry? I think the possibility of a greater purpose for this poor, left-in-the-lurch blog is just that… a possibility. That is, of course, if the author truly […]

Test Market

  Let’s see what YOU think… The goblin snarled and spat something in its disagreeable sounding language.  Yellow eyes filled with hatred gleamed with bloodlust.  Bern had been forced to deal with a goblin before, but not like this.  The goblin he had encountered a year ago near his father’s barn put on a show […]

Return to Normal?

So, I’m sitting here in my racing/gaming rig partially watching my buddy, his brother and another friend play World of Tanks on my buddy’s Twitch stream.  I’m plugged into their TeamSpeak channel so that I can make comments… or not.  I’m also listening to an album on Spotify that has music inspired by Fast and […]

Leap Day… MuckinFonday

It’s a shame we can’t whittle Mondays down to once every 4 years.   I can’t say Leap Day was a great day.  It was a Monday.  I started a hashtag on Facebook a while back, heh, heh: #muckinfondays I’ve got a few things tagged out there under that hashtag. I’m not a Monday person […]

The Force Has, Indeed, Awakened… Again

So the family and I went to see Star Wars, Episode 7 this morning.  It was good.  It was very good, in my opinion.  J.J. Abrams did a great job bringing Star Wars back to what it was originally meant to be.  I will have to watch again… multiple times 😉 Don’t get me wrong. […]