Game Night: The End of Chapter 1 in Welandar

This is a long one. I hope you enjoy it, though 🙂 Well, they did it. They found the Welandar royal family’s secret library. 40 Game Nights ago – nearly 2 years ago… Bran, Fang, and Theren set out to figure out what it meant to be part of Mentari’s Secret. They had been chosen […]

Game Night: Gotta Keep It All Straight

Those of us that play tabletop role-playing games, whether we are dungeon masters/game masters, players, or both, face a particular challenge… trying to keep our game information organized.  You might be surprised how much information there is for “just a game” 😉 Tabletop role-playing games are also referred to as “pen and paper” games.  There […]

Racing Rats… Oh Yeah, Game Night

Well, the fingers are tapping the keys tonight. I guess I should try and influence the tapping to see if something resembling a modicum of intelligence can be cast to this digital medium. So much for the intelligence part… that was it. … … … A few weeks back into the rat race and I […]

Game Night Will Soon Be Afoot!

A week from this Sunday (January 3rd), my group and I dive back into the Kingdom of Welandar. When we last left Theren, Fang, Bran, and Hilly were about to take a river taxi to an estate on Royal Island that has its own private access to the river. With the help of Lady Felza’s […]

Musical Inspiration 😎

I’ve been trying to kick my muse in her ass. There’s no argument that she can be quite the fickle bitch, too. She’s really been pissing me off. I keep trying to appeal to her “sensibilities”, but all the other bullshit going on in my head lately must be cramping her style. So, I started […]

Game Night: Welandar Paused; Wasteland Begun

Yep, Welandar has been paused… Kinda obvious, ain’t it? I think the group and I are on a much-needed break from my Welandar campaign. I’ll take ownership of the main reason, too. I accidentally ground the pace of the campaign down too far. I’ve got no good excuse, rather I think that I got overwhelmed […]

Changing It Up a Bit

In a previous post, I mentioned taking my daughter back to college. I also mentioned the reality of her living with us now as becoming more of a temporary thing. Essentially, the wife and I are “empty nesters” now. That means we must start another chapter in our lives as our daughter transitions into her […]

Getting Back At It…

Sorry for being quiet lately… I think I lost a little of my wind with some of the recent goings on. Then a couple other things popped up that kept my attention away from here. For one thing, losing my friend Lupe was a little tougher than I thought. So, I spent some time listening […]

Game Night: News & Something called, Wasteland

My Welandar campaign has gone on for 33 game nights now. We started over a year ago, and I feel safe to say (based on feedback from the players) that we’ve been having a pretty good time with it. I know I have. We’re not done yet, either. They are about to reach an end […]

Game Night, Session 30, Lysandra Falls

Sorry to keep you hanging. Here is another session summary of the goings on of Bran, Fang, Theren, and Lysandra in the Kingdom of Welandar. Enjoy. Lysandra Bellatore, priestess of Nira, feels compelled to help the noblewoman, Felza, and her handmaiden, Pribi, on her own.  Her confidence in her ability to deal with a few […]