Hoist the Sails… Steady as She Goes

Back to this writing thing and Game Night… I poked the muse, and she slapped me right upside the head. 😮 …with a brick 😉 So, yeah, I’m making this here post. That’s good, right? In truth, I don’t have much on my mind – at the moment – that I think needs to be […]

Game Night, Welandar Ch. 2-1, Decisions, Decisions

There was a bit of difficulty deciding what to do… After getting back to the dead king’s private altar to Mentari, the group finds Captain Grig beginning to wake up from a nap that began under mysterious circumstances. As the group was previously heading toward the secret entrance to the castle dungeon, Captain Grig simply […]

Game Night; Welandar, Chapt. 2 Begins

Nearly 2 years ago, I became Dungeon Master of a small group to play D&D 5e (Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition). I proposed a homebrew campaign/world in which the group seemed to be interested… This coming Sunday, we start chapter 2 of the Welandar Campaign. It will be session 42. Yes, 41 Game Nights played […]

Game Night: The End of Chapter 1 in Welandar

This is a long one. I hope you enjoy it, though 🙂 Well, they did it. They found the Welandar royal family’s secret library. 40 Game Nights ago – nearly 2 years ago… Bran, Fang, and Theren set out to figure out what it meant to be part of Mentari’s Secret. They had been chosen […]

Game Night: Gotta Keep It All Straight

Those of us that play tabletop role-playing games, whether we are dungeon masters/game masters, players, or both, face a particular challenge… trying to keep our game information organized.  You might be surprised how much information there is for “just a game” 😉 Tabletop role-playing games are also referred to as “pen and paper” games.  There […]

Racing Rats… Oh Yeah, Game Night

Well, the fingers are tapping the keys tonight. I guess I should try and influence the tapping to see if something resembling a modicum of intelligence can be cast to this digital medium. So much for the intelligence part… that was it. … … … A few weeks back into the rat race and I […]

Game Night Will Soon Be Afoot!

A week from this Sunday (January 3rd), my group and I dive back into the Kingdom of Welandar. When we last left Theren, Fang, Bran, and Hilly were about to take a river taxi to an estate on Royal Island that has its own private access to the river. With the help of Lady Felza’s […]

Musical Inspiration 😎

I’ve been trying to kick my muse in her ass. There’s no argument that she can be quite the fickle bitch, too. She’s really been pissing me off. I keep trying to appeal to her “sensibilities”, but all the other bullshit going on in my head lately must be cramping her style. So, I started […]

Game Night: Welandar Paused; Wasteland Begun

Yep, Welandar has been paused… Kinda obvious, ain’t it? I think the group and I are on a much-needed break from my Welandar campaign. I’ll take ownership of the main reason, too. I accidentally ground the pace of the campaign down too far. I’ve got no good excuse, rather I think that I got overwhelmed […]

Changing It Up a Bit

In a previous post, I mentioned taking my daughter back to college. I also mentioned the reality of her living with us now as becoming more of a temporary thing. Essentially, the wife and I are “empty nesters” now. That means we must start another chapter in our lives as our daughter transitions into her […]