Office Weeds :-)

Yep, that’s me sitting in my “office”. This “fortress of solitude” is in pretty good shape now versus when I moved from my old office/gaming rig room a while back. I’ve gotten pretty settled and comfortable. I don’t miss my gaming rig much either. I mentioned in a previous post that the wife and I […]

Business Travel… Meh

My job had me take a little trip this week. I had to go try and fix a system problem, or at the very least, I needed to troubleshoot the problem gathering as much detail about the problem as possible. And that is what I did. Now to the part where I say, “Meh.” I […]

Game Night: The End of Chapter 1 in Welandar

This is a long one. I hope you enjoy it, though 🙂 Well, they did it. They found the Welandar royal family’s secret library. 40 Game Nights ago – nearly 2 years ago… Bran, Fang, and Theren set out to figure out what it meant to be part of Mentari’s Secret. They had been chosen […]

Words ‘n’ Stuff

It’s been a crazy week or so. I have neglected to post within a week – once a week is kinda my goal for this here bloggy thingy. Sorry about that to those that like to read the results of my brain’s effort to express itself in the written form… The week at work was […]

Springing and Stuff

A few weeks ago, shit was froze 😮 Then we headed toward 80°F… go figure. So, yeah, Spring is springing here in DFW, and that means cleaning up the yard and planting things. This year the wife and I decided to kick the gardening thing up a notch. Instead of a couple small areas and […]

Well… Hmmm

I try not to let this sleeping blog lie for too long. And now I feel like it’s been too long since I banged on the keyboard for this bloggy thingy. So, here I am… Tah Dah I have NOT been inactive on the keyboard, but… I haven’t been pounding out words 😳 I have […]

The End of the Week… a Good Thing

^^^^ This… Well… another week in the books. It was an interesting week here in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). We got cold temperatures that have not been felt here for about 30 years – 1989, I believe. On top of that we got enough snow to make a mess of the Metroplex. It doesn’t take much, […]

Should I Go Pro?

So, sent me an email today. They’re offering 50% off their paid plans… Would I benefit from getting a paid plan with the extra buzzers and whistles? I’ve covered this ground before, but the difference now is that 50% thing. I would probably enjoy having more settings to tweak. It might be kinda cool […]

I Need A Project?

I think I need a distraction… a writing distraction. I post on here, of course. I have been kinda writing for my D&D campaigns. That writing, though, is not much more than some notes and the occasional blurb for a cut-scene or in-game prop (like a note or letter from a non-player character for story […]

Game Night: Gotta Keep It All Straight

Those of us that play tabletop role-playing games, whether we are dungeon masters/game masters, players, or both, face a particular challenge… trying to keep our game information organized.  You might be surprised how much information there is for “just a game” 😉 Tabletop role-playing games are also referred to as “pen and paper” games.  There […]