Hi.  My name’s Scott.  I took a couple of writing classes in high school. They stuck. I’m a gamer and a writer. I’m a techie. I like to ponder many different things. My mind is always racing with something. Since I like to write, I’ll be sharing some of what’s racing around in my head.

Thanks for checking out my little spot in the “blogosphere”.  I hope when you’re done browsing, you’ve read something thought-provoking, entertaining or both.  I write because I like to write.  I DO write for myself, BUT I write for you, too.  That’s why I write here.  I hope that something I’m bashing on the keyboard about grabs your attention.  I hope that it’s worth your time (something I appreciate).

I hope – at some point – that I write something that starts a conversation between us. I welcome feedback of any kind, so please, comment and/or like what I post.  Ask me questions.  Let me know what YOU think about what I have written. Conversations are better than monologues.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Scott, the mind racer!

    Greetings to you! Thank you for introducing yourself. I find it rather unusual that no one else has bothered to comment here, even though you specifically stated that you “welcome feedback of any kind, so please, comment and/or like”.

    May you find the rest of the year very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!

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    1. Thanks, @SoundEagle, and greetings to you. I do welcome feedback and discussion. I appreciate that you noticed. Thank you for the positive energy, as well. I hope things go well for you, too.

      Liked by 1 person

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