Story Time: Mind the Shadows, What To Do?

So, a couple of weeks ago, I put my work-in-progress story, Mind the Shadows, back on this here blog site. Since its “re-release”, I have gotten some feedback from a couple of fellow bloggers/writers. It was good feedback, too. I appreciate it… a lot.

One of my reviewers asked about my desire to continue the story. My response is, “Most likely.” I think I would like to continue the story. I’m just not sure about where to go from where I’m at with it.

I have had a habit of getting an idea – a not fully developed idea – that motivates me to get it on “paper”. The problem, though, is the “not fully developed” part. I get to a point, and I’m just not sure where to go next. So, I let myself get distracted, or I get another idea… another not fully developed idea.

Do you see where this is going? Yeah…

So, what to do with Mind the Shadows?

I guess the first next step is this post. That title should explain itself a little. I am going to start posting in a similar fashion as my Game Night posts. I’ll just change the name (to protect the innocent?) for clarity. Let’s consider Story Time born… maybe.

I’ll give it a try. I’ll start “talking” about my thought processes and situations with storytelling and story writing. Maybe what I put in these posts will help someone. Maybe I’ll get some good insight from some of you.

Mind the Shadows

If you’ve read what I have out here, thank you. It means a great deal to me that you are willing to take the time to read what I’ve written.

If you have done your reading 😉, then you have met Marek and Jammer. In their world Magick is starting to manifest. Marek is one of the first to “awaken” and be able to access and use Magick. The story begins with this discovery along with another major event in his life.

Jammer, Marek’s best friend, is not even close to the type of person to have access to Magick, much less even consider it part of reality as he knows it. But Marek has a major surprise for him, and the story explains how Jammer learns about Marek’s gift(?) and how he deals with it.

The next part of the story is where the end of this work-in-progress kind of stops. Marek needs to learn more about this newfound ability. He also discovers that someone is out there that has some kind of interest in him or his new ability with Magick. That is how Jammer gets involved. This interested person hacks Marek’s Net browsing equipment, and Jammer, a quite gifted techie, is asked to help find out who hacked Marek’s Netbox.

Obviously, I want to take this mystery and build on it. Government conspiracy? Secret organization trying to study awakenings? I’m not sure.

Where else will it go? Where should it go?

What I have so far is not overly original, either. If you are familiar with the Shadowrun roleplaying game, then you’ll immediately recognize the type of setting and general theme of my story.

So whadda y’all think?

As always, if you like what you’ve read here, let me know by clicking that like button. It’s very much appreciated. If you have a thought, comment, or question, by all means drop, me a line. I love getting feedback. A dialogue is always better than a monologue.

Type to you later…

8 thoughts on “Story Time: Mind the Shadows, What To Do?

  1. Feel free to disregard, since it’s been a while ever since I completed a project, but working off of Allan’s suggestion, is there anyone you can have as a partner of sorts? Someone you could bounce some ideas off of? A while ago, I worked with a fellow writer in a way that when she got stuck, she’d list some possible next steps. Sometimes that alone helped her get un-stuck – when it didn’t, we bounced off ideas until she could choose the best option and move on. I hope that helps a little! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with either way!

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    1. Nothing there to disregard, Jay. Collaboration is, more often than not, a good idea.
      I have done the partner up thing before on some gaming and writing projects, and they were mostly good experiences. At the moment, I don’t have anyone, in particular, that is readily available to brainstorm with. Plus, I have not been recently seeking anyone for that purpose. I haven’t given it much thought with Game Night going on. Maybe I should put some thought into that.
      Thanks for the input and taking the time to pass along your thoughts.

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      1. Maybe someone from the gaming group would be an interesting prospect? I’d volunteer as tribute, but my brain is mush at the moment. Still, I’m always available if you need a chat (until I get out of town, then you’re on your own!) Take care, and it’s always a pleasure!

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  2. It must have something to do with Marek´s family history since his grandfather made allusions that sounded like “mind the shadows”. It must be something that goes already way back in history. A mishap in some nazi experiment by Mengele during WW 2? And now the neo-nazis chasing them down?

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    1. Interesting idea! I am currently mulling over something a bit more… supernatural? I do, however, like the historical notion.
      Thanks for the thought.


  3. Thanks for this explanation Scott. It was helpful for me as I am not familiar with that role playing game. Perhaps your best step is stepping away from time to time and then coming back for another look at random points. That is how I have addressed problems (both writing and other) in the past. Not all stories can be told in a single sitting. My friend used to keep a pen and paper by his bed so that if he woke up with an idea at night, he could jot it down and go back to sleep, rather than working to remember it until morning. I was never smart enough to try this and as a result, by morning’s harsh light (or as it is now, morning’s deep black) I would forget the words that flowed so well in my hazy sleeplessness. However you choose to go about it, I think you do need to continue on to tell the tale. I did find it an interesting read. We all have a story to tell. Best of luck. Allan

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    1. No problem, Allan. I’m glad it gave you some information.
      I have never done the note pad on the nightstand thing. I can’t recall waking up like that with an idea… at least not in the middle of the night. But as I type this, I have had ideas as I am going to bed and when I first wake up. Something to think about then.
      The walking away and coming back habit is something I am trying to teach myself. I am getting better at it for sure. You’re right. It does seem to help at work and with some of my writing.
      I’m glad my writing held your interest. That means I’m doing something right. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.

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