I Put It Back Up (Mind the Shadows)

I put my work-in-progress sci-fi story, Mind the Shadows back out here.

There is also a link at the top of my home page in case you need to refer back to it.

Love it. Hate it. Tell me what you think.

Thank you for any feedback. I appreciate the time you will have taken to read it.

7 thoughts on “I Put It Back Up (Mind the Shadows)

  1. Hi Scott. I finally found time to complete the read. Interesting concept and the writing seemed to flow well. The only comment I would make is the longer chapters had a lot going on in them. Not sure if there would be any benefit to seeing if those chapters could be shortened or 2 chapters changed into three. Have you decided if you will continue with this writing exercise, yet? I can only imagine how difficult a chore this must be while you are still working. Keep well, my friend. Allan

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    1. First, thanks for taking the time to read it. I very much appreciate that.
      “Interesting concept” suggests to me that you are either not fond of the genre or familiar with it or both. It is a sci-fi/fantasy mix with cyberpunk and arcane in an interesting mix. Shadowrun is a tabletop roleplaying game that is the near perfect example of this genre… in case you are not familiar with the concept/genre. Again thanks for enduring that to give it a look.
      I never gave much thought to the chapter length. I just “drew a line” where I thought one thing ended and another started. I will have to revisit this with your thought in mind. I guess some of it needs to be broken into smaller chunks?
      As to the continue part, I will probably continue at some point, I think. I just have to have my interest in the story circle back. That’s the problem with being an inch deep and a mile wide when it comes to interests and knowledge. I get distracted with other things I like, and stuff like this collects some dust.
      Actually, it did not feel like it was much of a chore. I really enjoyed the process. I do enjoy the process when I get interested in something like this. The motivation comes easy.
      Don’t get me wrong, I spent some serious time on it. I am not very “efficient” with writing like that. But I didn’t mind making the effort.
      Thanks again, Allan. I really do appreciate you taking the time.

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      1. Hi Scott. You are right with your 2nd guess. Not familiar with the genre would be the case. My handicap is my age. i do enjoy both sci-fi and fantasy. Apologies for any non-intended offence. As to continuing on, I understand this is a matter of motivation when the muse strikes. Nobody knows how much effort it takes to write more than a writer. I am sure you will continue on in time and look forward to reading more. I am with you on attention span. My mind is going 90 miles an hour, but my body tops out at 50. Cheers and stay well. Allan

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        1. No need for apologies at all. There is no chance of me taking offense to someone else’s lack of familiarity and/or interest in something I am into. Even if you said you didn’t like it, I would not be offended. I would prefer to understand why you did not liked it, but I would not be offended. I’m just happy that you took the time to take a look.

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  2. The writing must have been good since it kept me reading till I reached the end of your sample. Which is in my case always a good sign because bad writing makes me bail out after 300 words or so.

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  3. Thanks Scott. On the road right now spending time with the kids. When I get back home will have a look at this. I had no internet all today and the internet we have is slow. Give me a prod in a couple of weeks if I forget. Back home on Oct 11. Cheers. Allan

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