Hoist the Sails… Steady as She Goes

Back to this writing thing and Game Night…

I poked the muse, and she slapped me right upside the head. 😮

…with a brick 😉

So, yeah, I’m making this here post. That’s good, right?

In truth, I don’t have much on my mind – at the moment – that I think needs to be put in this post. I just wanted put some words on digital paper.

I’m trying to schedule a Game Night this coming week. The group is about to start a journey to find the illegitimate heir to the kingdom of Welandar. If they can’t get this heir on the throne, then the pact of Mentari’s Secret will be broken, and the Dark Tide will be able to find its way to the kingdom and destroy it. The clock is ticking, and agents of the Dark Tide are working hard to stop The Chosen (the group’s characters) from restoring the Welandar family to the throne.

While they saw Erebus get vaporized from their successful interruption of his ritual, they don’t know if he’s dead. If he’s not, then there will most certainly be trouble on the horizon.

Then there’s Kogan. A Krell (orc) war captain hired by Erebus to hunt the group and kill them. He’s still out there, and he’s not the Krell he was. As part of the “payment” Kogan received, he was given a talisman that was imbued with corrupting Dark Energy. That energy has corrupted and changed Kogan.

He went from this…

To this…

He’s bad news. The group feels the need to confront him before he gets worse.

I want to continue the Game Night summaries, so I will get back to posting them, too.

I guess that’s all for now.

Y’all got anything you want me to bang on the keyboard about?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Type to you later…

3 thoughts on “Hoist the Sails… Steady as She Goes

    1. Is it a retirement thing? I can’t imagine not being busy if I was retired. All the stuff I want to do and having time to do it versus having to operate around my job seems like a great situation. But I have to wonder if that will change once I’ve reached that side of the goal line.
      Maybe you should pick up a hobby like photography or blogging 😉 (sorry I couldn’t help myself).
      In all seriousness, though, do you have other possible interests you’ve never had time to try? Maybe that’s an answer to boredom. I hope it’s just boredom.
      Does it help that I envy your situation with being able to walk through that wonderful wilderness you have up there and the interest/talent/skill you have with a camera? All I can say is that I’m glad you do have the hobbies you have.
      Hang in there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is not boredom, at all. What I have is a bad case of the Covid blahs and contingent failure to be able to plan ahead, because others refuse to get back to me. I have plenty to do, if I just but get started. I think that will come back on stream as the autumn weather comes on. Harvest the garden, clean up the yard, winterize everything and get the snow shovels all polished up. And if I really get motivated, I could pick my mandolin back up and try to move forward. In the interim, we have the looming project of executorship coming for an aging parent. That will consume huge chunks of time. Stay well Scott. Allan

        Liked by 1 person

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