Upping The Blog Game

So, Jay made a post recently about supporting people’s blogs. In a nutshell, the question was how she/we could support the blogs of our fellow bloggers. We gave a couple of answers in the comments section. Take a look.

What about our own blogs, though? Obviously, the support thing is very appreciated. It’s great to hear from those that read my blog. It is extremely rewarding to see likes and comments on a blog post. I write for myself first and foremost, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about having readers. I very much enjoy having readers.

What other things can we do to get our blogs out there?

Social media is a thing, of course. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are places you can self-advertise your blog. That is likely to increase readers and maybe get some more engagement.

What about something else to… enhance?… the blog?

What about a podcast? Would a podcast be something good to go along with a blog?

I’ve thought about a podcast once in a while. I think a podcast would be good when there is something on my mind that writing just can’t quite capture quickly enough. Sometimes talking it out works better than writing it out. Moreover, podcasts are recorded. I could go back and listen to things I’ve said and then do the writing thing without losing it to time and passing thought.

What do y’all think?

As always, if you like what you’ve read here, let me know by clicking that like button. It’s very much appreciated. If you have a thought, comment, or question, by all means drop, me a line. I love getting feedback. A dialogue is always better than a monologue.

Type to you later…

10 thoughts on “Upping The Blog Game

  1. Providing interesting contend should of course be the foremost criterium to get people interested enough that they want to follow your blog. In reality, most bloggers get the most followers for whom they are and not for what contend they provide. When you take pleasure in blogging, you shouldn’t be overly concerned with the amount of followers you collect. Starting to mutually like and follow each other’s blog just for the sake of that, is an incestuous process. And yes, most followers and likers don’t really read your posts. I also pass when a post contains more than 500 words. It’s not medium designed for rambling, but for concise communication.

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    1. That’s good food for thought. I agree that I do this because I like to do it. I also agree with not being concerned about sheer numbers. It really is more about quality and quantity.
      Thanks for offering your thoughts. It’s appreciated.

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  2. A good question, Scott. I know the “blogging award” nomination chains work to a certain extent, but rather than these, I think a better way to promote other blogs would be to do a post or posts about some of the blogs we follow and why we follow them. This gives each blogger’s readers a chance to see what else may be out there. Not everyone is going to read every blogger’s blog and indeed, many “followers” never really read. In the end, we all need to understand that it is not the followers, the serial clickers or even the likers that make a blog successful. Blogs need people to interact, to read, to question, to share like experiences…”oh yeah, I did that trip in 2018 and it was great.” We need to write what we know or experience, we need to write in the same style we would talk and we need to be invested and interested in our topics. Lets all do our best to keep it interesting and fresh. Cheers. Allan

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    1. That’s not a bad idea… making a post now and then about blogs we follow. You’re right. It’s about the interaction and not just raw numbers.
      Thanks for the input.

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  3. Hey, thank you for the shout out! A podcast is a pretty cool idea! Not my cup when it comes to actually doing it myself, but I love listening to them! One of the bloggers I follow has one, I’ll leave a link below just for reference, who knows if it helps with inspiration (or knowing a new blogger, who knows):


    I’m looking forward to seeing if you’ll add one, and if you do, I’ll be happy to listen! Take care!

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    1. Happy to give you props.
      I follow DSFB. I never listened to his podcast, though. Hmmm. I’ll give it a listen. I’ll probably learn something 😉
      Thanks for the input.

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      1. There you go, I had no idea you followed him already. I think I’ve only listened to one or two of his podcasts, I need to get better about it! You’re welcome, looking forward to what you come up with! 🙂


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