The Oven is ON 😐

Nature turned off the faucet and kicked on the oven.

We have switched from almost daily rain and flood warnings to weather that has started reaching into the mid and upper 90s (30s in C). I think episodes of rain are going to be less and less as we start kicking Summer into high gear around here.


The backyard plants are doing well. Here’s an overview shot 😉

With a box fan and a nice patio umbrella, it is not too horrible to sit out there and enjoy it. I’m not a fan of hot weather, though. 75° (24°C) is about the highest it ever needs to get for me. Today it got to 97° (36°C) after weeks of staying in the 80s. I already miss the cooler weather, but I will find things I like to do to help endure the hot stuff and keep me outside.

Speaking of which…

Yeah, I am pretty sure I want that.

I have always loved to fish. My wife likes being out on the water, but not as much to fish as to get some sun and enjoy being outside. Fishing boats (bass boats, etc.) are very expensive and you can only go to lakes and decent sized rivers. So, she decided kayaks might be a good idea for us. What she wasn’t thinking about was my desire to make it a fishing boat, and oh yeah, they have fishing kayaks.

The truth is that she and I have been thinking about this for over a year now. We just have not been certain about making the investment. Even these kayaks, especially the fishing ones, can be pricey. But after some serious research, I am reasonably certain that she and I will enjoy it. We will enjoy it especially if we make each kayak our own. So, we have agreed to let me get a fishing kayak, and she will get something she wants to accommodate what she wants – a place to get some sun, float on the water, read a book, and get some exercise.

I’ll get exercise, sun, water floating, and FISHING.

We’re pretty sure after the research that they will be worth the investment.

Getting the kayaks are a task right now. Demand is outstretching supply right now, so it could be a while before we get them. I’ll let you know when we do, though. Hopefully, I’ll have some “big fish” stories coming your way 😉

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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Type to you later…

One thought on “The Oven is ON 😐

  1. We are spinning through heat and rain cycles here, as well. After being awoken by the 5 AM crow, the next noise was a serious clap of thunder. A good shower this AM, then up to 30C and more rain tonight and tomorrow. My yard and garden are loving it. Getting out on the water, to float or fish is always a good idea, even if you do not catch any fish. Have a great week Scott. Allan

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