Been Busy…

So, I got back from that visit to my hometown, and my routine and normal plans got shot to hell.

Sorry for not posting before now, and I’ll apologize again for this short post.

All kinds of other stuff has kept me from this bloggy thingy. Every time I think I can sit down and smash the keys a little for y’all, I get turned a different direction. I haven’t been busy in a bad way, either. I’ve just been busy. When I have a bit more time (not this evening), I might just tell a little more 🙂

I did have a Game Night, so more on that soon.

My wife bought 50 pounds of peaches on Memorial Day weekend. She’s been canning peaches. I boil water. That’s my job 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t go too long without dropping a few bits of verbiage here. I’ll be back at it soon. Thanks for standing by.

5 thoughts on “Been Busy…

      1. Oh, canned peaches with PB sound like an interesting combination! Might have to try it some day! And I would NEVER! Where are my pearls so I can clutch them? 😀

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    1. Yeah, we’ve just had some things on the list that weren’t “normal”. So, being able to plop down at my desk and crank out some words since I’ve been back hasn’t been in a spot on the to-do list. Other than that, life is going pretty okay right now. Thanks for reading. You stay well, too.

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