A Visit Home

So, these past few days the wife and I took a trip Home. I had not been in StL (St. Louis for the uninitiated) since July of last year. This COVID bullshit has been kinda screwing with life as we all know 😕 But finally, it was time to make the 10-hour trip and enjoy the atmosphere of family, friends, and just being Home.

Yes, I capitalize the word “Home”. I have for as long as I can remember now. I have not lived there for nearly 30 years. While I do like living in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth), Texas, I miss Home regularly.

It is hard to describe the feeling and level of contentment when I am in Missouri. Hills, trees… the wildlife, the smaller city. There is just something – or several somethings – that I am very connected to there.

I’ve been asked by those that have lived there all their lives why I would like to come back and what I think is so special about the area. My response is suggesting they live somewhere else for a while.

I doubt it would be like that for everybody from StL, but I’m willing to wager it would be like that for many.

Family and friends are there. That alone makes me want to be closer.

I can’t say that I want to live back in St. Louis, but closer would be nice for sure. Here are couple of reasons why…

Busch Stadium to watch a baseball game and eat some ballpark food. GO CARDS!!!
U.S. 67… This is what it’s like for miles and miles in Missouri. State Parks all over the place. Room to breathe.

If and when I get to relocate, I will definitely try to be back in Missouri. I’ll happily settle for Arkansas or Tennessee, too.

Type to you again soon…

2 thoughts on “A Visit Home

  1. Awesome that you got Home, Scott. So happy for you. This fall, we hope to spend some family time in the mountains with all our kids and some time with our Vancouver kids on the Pacific Ocean coast. Fingers corssed it all works out. For now, we still keep to oiurselves while we await jab #2. Stay well and thanks for sharing. Allan

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