Allergy Zombie…

That’s exactly how it sounds… allergy zombie.

The plants and trees are horny here in Texas, and I guess that means I am supposed to suffer while they have sex.

Sounds kinda weird when you put it that way, huh?


So yeah, I have seasonal allergies in full force right now. It sucks. I have to amp up my allergy meds to try and stay functional. The problem, though, is “functional” means just that. I am conscious enough to get my job done, but no guarantees once I’ve made it home for the evening. Those extra meds just sap my energy. My normal maintenance stuff doesn’t do that, but my normal maintenance stuff feels like it has no effect during these few weeks of Spring.

I didn’t know the human body could produce this much snot…

So, anyway, I thought I should post even this meandering, whining drivel to make sure I let y’all know that I was not hit by a bus. I am also not in prison. I’m just a zombie…

Catch ya on the back side of this allergy shit show…

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Type to you later…

5 thoughts on “Allergy Zombie…

  1. Stay well Scott. My wife used to suffer during this season but age, time and her fibromyalgia meds have made the reactions less severe. She is now even able to eat apples, pears and other stone fruit. We are finally getting rain here right now and perhaps ugh, snow tonight. Spring in Alberta. Allan

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    1. This rough bout started just a couple of years ago for me. I’m not sure what changed. I hope it changes back.
      It’s good her meds are helping. Best you can ask for, I suppose.
      Snow? Ouch. Hang in there.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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