Took a Little Trip to Vega$

My wife’s friend had never been to Las Vegas. We decided to change that status. So, we planned a little trip for 4 to Sin City…

The wife and I have been to Vegas a few times before. We have fun every time we go. This time the fun was being able to share it with someone who had never had the experience.

The Strip from the (landing) strip

The experience in Vegas has been different every time, and this time was different again. The place is opening up again after the COVID lockdown. We could tell the area had suffered a bit because of the lack of tourists. It was still ‘Vegas’, but it felt like some of the places we visited in the casinos were scrambling a bit to keep up with the resurgence of people. It looked to me like many restaurants, shops, and such had downsized their staffing, and they had not started rehiring just yet. It was also a different thing to be wearing masks and doing a little distancing in a place that is usually wall-to-wall people.

Nonetheless, we had fun losing money at the slot machines and watching people – a great pass-time when in Vegas. The food and drink are always pretty good there, too.

We also went to Hoover Dam. My wife and I had not been there for 20 years. My buddy and I took one of the last hard hat tours in 2001 – before 9/11 – which they stopped having afterward. We didn’t do any of the tours this time, but it is still a great thing to see.

Overall, we had a fun few day’s gambling and sightseeing. My wife’s friend said she enjoyed the trip a lot. So, did we. Maybe we’ll go back in a another couple of years…

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Type to you later…

4 thoughts on “Took a Little Trip to Vega$

  1. Great that you got way for a vacay Scott. We have only been to Vegas once. Not a bad place to go during a Canadian winter, but not really a place to take kids either. You are braver than we are. I doubt we will travel by air any time soon. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Yeah, it was a good thing to have the distraction. I can agree that the flights were not a highlight since they filled the plane both directions. But masks and care was taken by everybody to minimize contact, etc. I did not feel like I was putting myself at much risk.
      You stay well, too.

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