The End of the Week… a Good Thing

^^^^ This…

Well… another week in the books. It was an interesting week here in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). We got cold temperatures that have not been felt here for about 30 years – 1989, I believe. On top of that we got enough snow to make a mess of the Metroplex. It doesn’t take much, either, so the roughly 6 inches we got was enough to make life even more difficult.

Yes, there were power problems here. Yes, life was difficult for a bit. No, I’m not interested in discussing it other than to say that Texas, in general, was/is not prepared to deal with that level of cold. It does not happen very often, and human complacency (in many areas from individuals to organizations) played a big part in allowing things to be worse than necessary for many. But we are now in recovery mode, and hopefully lessons were learned. The politicization and weaponization of this event just make me shake my head. Obviously, mistakes on a few different levels were made, or there would have been no power outages and people being caught in bad situations.

So, now it’s Friday night. The nearby world is starting to slowly thaw. Life will likely be back to some semblance of “normal” by the end of the weekend.

I like the weekend. I wish the weekend were all week long 😛

Bah! It was a long week. Work kinda blew up in my face this afternoon, too. I was not too surprised, but the heat from the customer is going to be turned up to 11, me thinks. The irritating thing is that this could have been handled much better. In fact, my situation at work could be handled much better. It has really tied my hands in many ways. I know I have done all I can do for the customer, but it still rankles me because I could not help with getting the problem solved. I have mostly been a liaison between the factory/engineering and the customer. The most I have been able to do is some limited testing and walking the customer through a couple of tests and firmware updates. Unfortunately, none of this has helped solved the issue. This latest attempt at a fix didn’t work, and the customer has grown… impatient.

But on Sunday, I going to have a Game Night. That’s a good thing. I also was able to get this post in. That’s a good thing, too.

Questions? Comments?

Type to you later.

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4 thoughts on “The End of the Week… a Good Thing

  1. I should be in bed, as I read that “a dialogue is better than a meringue”, but here I am. I’m glad things are slowly going back to normal, and it sucks when you can’t just fix the customer’s issue, I feel you there. How was the game night? Any exciting news? And, how’s the solo project? Take care!

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    1. I can’t help that you’re thinking about pie (meringue??? why not pecan?) Welcome, nonetheless.
      Yeah, I’m working through the anxiety and stress. I have been reminded there was a reason I moved away from customer-facing jobs, but I’ll get used to it…
      Game Night went quite well. They stopped the evil dark ritual but triggered something by interrupting the ritual (evil grin). They found the Welandar family library and are currently studying in hope of getting the information they need to understand what is happening and why. I’ll probably post something about it all soon.
      The solo project? Well… it’s been on my mind, at least 😉 I think I’ll keep poking at it when my muse lets me.
      You take care, too.

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      1. Ha, definitely, you can’t help it. I may or may not always be thinking about food! (Pecan sounds great, thanks for putting that idea in my mind now)
        Customer-facing jobs are rough. I’ve been looking for my way out as well, because oof. It’s enough to make you gray.
        Glad to know they’re not off the hook so easily on Game Night, can’t wait to read in more detail! Well, I can, you know. But I’m looking forward to it!
        Make the muse behave and keep on poking, I really like what I’ve seen so far!
        I’ll try to take care and stay sane, not making any promises! 😉

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