Should I Go Pro?

So, sent me an email today. They’re offering 50% off their paid plans…

Would I benefit from getting a paid plan with the extra buzzers and whistles? I’ve covered this ground before, but the difference now is that 50% thing. I would probably enjoy having more settings to tweak. It might be kinda cool having my own domain name. I dunno. I guess I need to figure out what the fun is worth, huh?

Then there’s that Going Pro thing. I could monetize my site and maybe make a buck or two. I could set up a donation button. That might be a thrilling experience – getting paid because people come to my site to read my content.

I’m a realist, so I have no illusions about making a living. It would be interesting, though, to see if I could generate enough funds to have the site pay for itself.

And I could be a professional blogger even if I only made a couple of bucks. Think about it. By the simplest terms, being a professional means getting paid to do something. It doesn’t mean making a profit, heh πŸ˜›

Tell me what y’all think.

Type to you later…

8 thoughts on “Should I Go Pro?

  1. Going pro is putting yourself in a harness. It’s a money grabbing scheme only designed to increase WP cashflow. It will not incrase the amount of advertizers on WP, just slightly shift the balance of how that money is distributed among those who pay WP for the privilege of carrying them. Going pro turns a dedicated blogger into dull follower chaser.

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  2. The thing with going pro is that once you decide to stop paying, I believe your site and all your posts on that site disappear. That is what held me back. On an unpaid sites, those posts are there forever, unless you delete the site. I am on free site 7 and while there are some who say I could monetize my site, that has never been what it is about. It is all about choice, I guess. I look on my posts as my anti Alzheimer treatment, as long as I can still find my sites when dementia hits………Ha Ha. Happy choosing Scott. Allan

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    1. Interesting. I did not know about the possibility of losing the content. I’ll look into that.
      Monetizing is not what it’s about for me, either. I just think it would be part of the fun.
      Yeah, your sites are probably good memories for you (thanks for sharing, btw).
      Thanks for the input, Allan.

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  3. Honestly, if the overall amount of money you’d pay won’t break the bank… I’d say why not? If you don’t like it or if it’s not what you expected, I believe you can always let it lapse after a year and go back to not being pro, right?

    (Obligatory disclaimer that I don’t always offer good advice)

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    1. You make a good point. If I’m going to enjoy it, then why not?
      Good advice or not, I welcome your input. Thanks.
      I think I might let this discount lapse and give it some more thought. Allan’s mentioning the content ownership thing is something to look into.

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      1. The good part is that they roll out a new one every few months, that should give you time to think! I believe the next will be 20% and then the next after that should be 50% again (I follow the pattern because I sometimes think of getting it too!) That should be enough time to research and make a plan! Let me know if there’s anything I can help with!

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      2. Time to think… I need that because of the limited IQ/Brain Cell Count πŸ˜›
        Yeah, I’ll consider it a bit longer (the latest offer has lapsed now).
        What kind of help?

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      3. Hey, you’re a smart fellow! Or you fake it really well! As for help… good question. Anything I can do, even if just to serve as a sounding board, I suppose?

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