Racing Rats… Oh Yeah, Game Night

Well, the fingers are tapping the keys tonight. I guess I should try and influence the tapping to see if something resembling a modicum of intelligence can be cast to this digital medium.

So much for the intelligence part… that was it.

A few weeks back into the rat race and I guess I’m doing okay. I’m still feeling a bit of angst over some of the requirements of my job, but I’m dealing better than I was pre-holidays. I had a decent discussion with my bosses and let them know where I was at with this. They listened and admitted that there were better ways to provide me with the resources I need to fulfill my job requirements. I’ll consider that a step in the right direction.

Game Night happened… twice. We’re back in Welandar to finish what I consider to be the first chapter of the saga…

Theren, Fang, Bran and Hilly have managed to get onto Royal Island. The noblewoman (Lady Felza) that they assisted with the Dark Zombies in her mausoleum has gone missing. Her handmaiden, Pribi, thought it best to ask the group for help again. Pribi was able to provide access to Lord Colton Cromlond, a high-ranking member of The Council. She used his personal river access to get the group on the island and convinced Lord Cromlond to give the group an audience.

While Lord Cromlond is a very lawful/law-abiding individual, he was persuaded into thinking that perhaps the Hounds of Braiton (the name of the mercenary company the group has formed) might be valuable in bringing the corruption of Lord Subere’k to light. Subere’k’s unprecedented seizure of power is suspect at best.  Lord Cromlond chooses to give them a contact (a captain of the royal guard) and a day before he is compelled to report his use of the group to investigate the situation.

Pribi and the group get to Lady Felza’s estate where the group must hole up until they can meet with Captain Victor Grig. Captain Grig is one of the captains of the Royal Guard charged with protecting the royals. It turns out that Captain Grig was a close friend of the late King Borus.

After a bit of time explaining why the group was truly there (the chosen of Mentari’s secret trying to find the secret Welandar family library for information they need to stop the Dark Tide from ultimately destroying the Kingdom of Welandar), Captain Grig is convinced they are what is needed to expose the reason for the king’s murder and stop what is, at least, happening in Welandar City. This includes exposing and stopping Lord Subere’k. After comparing notes, it has become clear to Bran, Fang, Hilly, and Theren that Subere’k is quite likely involved with the Dark Tide.

Captain Grig gets the group into the castle under the guise of being hired investigators to gather more evidence concerning the king’s murder. Since Grig is one of the captains of the Royal Guard, he does not have to work too hard at this.

The group makes it to the king’s bedchamber and begins looking for an entrance to the secret library. During this investigation, they move to other rooms and stumble across a secret room connected to the room Lord Subere’k has taken for himself in the castle. This “hobby” room seems to serve one purpose; it is a torture chamber. The single chair and the significant amounts of splattered blood in this secret room are the key indicators that Lord Subere’k is some kind of psycho in addition to being power hungry and quite likely corrupt.

We ended the last session with Fang and Theren poking about Lord Subere’k’s bedroom (they found the secret door that opened into his bedroom from the torture room). They had to “convince” one of the royal guards that it was okay for them to be in Lord Subere’k’s chambers. What could go wrong with that?

As always, if you like what you’ve read here, let me know by clicking that like button. It’s very much appreciated. If you have a thought, comment, or question, by all means drop, me a line. I love getting feedback. A dialogue is always better than a monologue.

Type to you later…

5 thoughts on “Racing Rats… Oh Yeah, Game Night

  1. Hey there! I hope things get better with the job soon!

    And, nice on more Game Nights! The plot thickens, and of course it’s super normal for a bunch of random strangers to poke around a nobleman’s bed chambers… Nothing suspicious about that at all! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing suspicious at all, especially guven the nature of the group and the corrupt nobleman 😁
      I have a feeling that things are going to go sideways on the next game night. Four murder hob…. err heroes nosing around a paranoid and power hungry bastard that fancies himself on the way to be king. What could go wrong?
      Thanks for dropping by.

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  2. Glad you are coping better with the job requirements, Scott. I faced this numerous times during my career, as my bosses kept reinventing my job as they thought I should do it. At long last, I became adaptable enough to roll with anything. Glad you are able to get back to game night. Stay well. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m either coping better or just getting used to it. I guess being in an engineering environment most of my career made me less adaptable to my latest gig. A lesson to learn here, indeed. Thanks for the feedback and insight.

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