Getting My Legs Under Me

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I bitched about not liking where the world around me was headed and how I was dealing with it (not all that well, I suppose). I’ve been trying to get my “rhythm” back, and that hasn’t been easy. I’ve been stressing about stuff at work and what I see in the news. It has really sapped my energy. Lately, I get through each day at work. Then I come home and flop.

With the ending of the holidays, “back to the grind” has reared its ugly head. The wife is an accountant, so she gets very busy this time of the year with year-end close. For me, it has been about learning to deal with trying to provide solutions in situations where my resources are intermittent, and my training has been minimal. That causes me much heartburn. That whole “wanting to do a good job and not fail” thing – being a professional and having a work ethic – kicks in pretty hard for me. The amount of energy I have expended spinning my wheels and then stressing about it has been considerable. Thus, the flopping thing.

I am trying to lean forward a bit now. I’m hoping to get my legs under me a bit so that I can get moving with things that have more meaning to me. Sorry, but the job just does not rank high on the list of family, friends, interests, and hobbies. I prefer to direct energy toward things like spending time with my wife and my friends, gaming and just enjoying life. I like my job, but it’s only a means to a resource needed to live, not much more. My work ethic keeps me going at work, and it keeps me stressed when I can’t find the traction I think I should have. But now I’m starting to make myself accept what is not directly under my control. I do all that I can do, and I just have to let what I can’t control be what it is. It’s not a great thing, but I remind myself regularly now that I’m doing what I can and will continue to learn. That mentality and some much-needed patience is starting to help.

Here’s to hoping I can get things to level off a bit.

I did have the gumption to write this post. I haven’t had that for a couple of weeks…


Since my last post, the gaming group and I did have a Game Night. It was nice to get back into that after a nearly two-month break. I’ll post about that soon.

Thanks for “listening”.

As always, if you like what you’ve read here, let me know by clicking that like button. It’s very much appreciated. If you have a thought, comment, or question, by all means drop, me a line. I love getting feedback. A dialogue is always better than a monologue.

Type to you later…

3 thoughts on “Getting My Legs Under Me

  1. Scott. I think a lot of people are in the same spot right now. I know I am lucky to be retired, but I too have found myself in a general malaise for the last couple of months. I have places to go, people to see, things to do. I needed a kick in the a–. Today, I got a jump on it…did some car maintenance, tore the dryer apart and found out what was wrong with it, did 70 minutes of exercise, hit 5 stores to get much needed supplies (including beer), walked 11 km. (7 miles). Tonight, I feel I’ve earned my La-z-boy time. Tomorrow, I need to finish the dryer repair and make and bake 15 pounds of sourdough bread. Maybe I can dial it back a bit, but January always seems to give me the push I need. Hope the crap going on with Covid and politics settles down to a dull roar soon ad we can all resume normal activities. Stay well and keep plugging away. Allan

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    1. Thanks, Allan. It sounds like you have kicked it into a higher gear. I need to start biting a bullet or two myself.
      This job is a bit of a new world for me. I’ve spent most of my career at a bench and/or in an engineering lab. The service work part of the job is “familiar”, but the customer service part of it is a bit new. I’ve been there almost a year now, but the training comes slowly at best and the information resources are in Israel (the mother company). Between the time difference and intermittent responses to questions and requests for help, trying to help solve customer issues without good information/knowledge of the products and systems has been a bit dicey for someone like me. I think I’m starting to come to terms with it, but the past couple of months have been tough. Thanks for reading and the positive vibes.

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