Game Night Will Soon Be Afoot!

A week from this Sunday (January 3rd), my group and I dive back into the Kingdom of Welandar. When we last left Theren, Fang, Bran, and Hilly were about to take a river taxi to an estate on Royal Island that has its own private access to the river. With the help of Lady Felza’s handmaiden, Pribi, they hope to convince the owner of this estate to let them pass and quietly get on the island. From there all they have to do is sneak into the dead king’s castle where the obviously corrupt Lord Subere’k (earl turned prime minister) now resides and runs the kingdom, find the dungeon entrance in said castle, and then finally the secret royal family library hidden somewhere in the dungeon… no big deal 😉

I’m looking forward to it. I am reaching the end of a much-needed break, and the ideas are beginning to flow. My fickle-ass muse has decided I’ve sacrificed enough chickens, begged, argued, bitched, and pleaded to get her attention again.

I’ll drop a hint. This could turn into a medieval fantasy version of World War Z if things don’t go well for the group while trying to find the library.

WWZ (2013) | Lock Stock and Barrel

Finding the secret library will provide some answers about how to stop the Dark Tide from destroying the kingdom – possibly the world. But things are already going sideways. The Dark Tide is aware of the group’s mission and what it could mean if they find what they need. So, they have been hunting the group since the beginning of all this. And they like using undead while trying take down Fang, Bran, Hilly, and Theren.

Oh yeah, and Kogan is still around somewhere, too <evil grin>.

On top of that, it looks like the kingdom, itself, is not having a good go of things since the death of the king. It’s obvious that Lord Subere’k has been taking advantage of the power vacuum left by the death of his king and no heir to take over. He went from being the earl of Welandar City to prime minister of the kingdom council. Without the king, he is technically the most powerful humanoid in the civilized parts of the kingdom. The citizens in The City, at least, are not thrilled with this, especially since the earl-turned-prime minister has all but declared martial law as he searches for the king’s killer.

The group has their work cut out for them. I’ll let you know how it goes…

For a refresher on the groups adventures in Welandar – among other things, you can find Game Night posts here.

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Type to you later…

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