Game Night, Session 11; Lon-Kar

At Bran’s request, the group traveled to Lon-Kar, a Dwergar city to return the battleaxe he recovered from the murdered Dwerg smith they encountered when they were dealing with Slythis on Piketon Road.  This session was all role-playing since they were there in hopes of collecting a reward and Bran getting the chance to honor his connection to the Dwergar (he was raised by a Dwerg… more on that later).

Fang, Bran and Theren leave the peer where Captain Fisk’s boat is docked and walk toward the walled town on the hill.  As they climb, they see small roads that head off along the hillside in both directions.  Most of the roads lead to what appear to be mine entrances.  They are well guarded.

The group is stopped at the entrance to Lon-Kar by the local guard.  They are questioned about their business.  The guards are definitely on alert.  A short conversation reveals that there has been a recent attack on Lon-Kar by Krell.  They were repelled, but the town guard is still looking for any information and anyone that might have ill intent toward Lon-Kar and its citizens.

Bran passes on what they know about Krell activity and explains the reason they are there.  The guardsman thanks him and allows the group into Lon-Kar.


Location: West of the Great Lake less than a day’s walk inside the western border of the Kingdom of Welandar.

Description: Lon-Kar is a walled town of mostly Dwergar. It sits on top of a rather defensible hill/small plateau about a day from the Border River.

There are many mines around the area with some entrances within the town.  All are well guarded.

Lon-Kar is a source of silver and iron along with other small amounts of precious metals and a few semi-precious stones.

Lon-Kar benefits from autonomy and some protection from the kingdom.  Welandar’s protection comes in the form of trade agreements and a military alliance that is meant to protect Welandar’s interest as much as Lon-Kar’s.

Population: Around 5000; mostly Dwergar with small representation from human, Nidawi, Elwyn, Hin, Gnome and Krell

While there is no overt racism:

  • Dwerg get along/tolerate most, but are slow to trust
  • They are least tolerant of Krell
  • Hin get along with everybody
  • Gnomes keep to themselves, but will accept anybody they trust and/or do business with
  • The Krell citizens are actually well-behaved, but they’re still Krell
  • The Faye are similar to the Gnomes; they will work with anybody, but will generally opt for their own kind in more social settings

The group is directed to the market area in the center of town to find a place to stay, any gear and materials they might want or need and The Office of Family Affairs.  Fang goes and secures lodging at the Midnight Star.  He then goes to The Park.  He finds a small but wonderful patch of nature to ease his tension and discomfort from being in a city of man-made stone and wood.

Bran and Theren make their way to The Office of Family Affairs where the Dwerg family leaders conduct daily business for their respective families. Bran is seeking the Ironstar family office so that he can return the battle-axe he recovered from the murdered Dwerg on Piketon Road.  He used it for a killing blow to Slythis to avenge the Dwerg’s death.  Bran’s background of being raised by a Dwerg compels him to honor the family by returning the blood-stained axe to the family to let them know of the loss and the vengeance.

Bran and Theren get an audience with the leader of the Ironstar family.  Bran tells the story of finding the murdered Dwerg and the groups pursuit of the murderer.  Matthius Ironstar accepts the axe and commends Bran and the rest of the group.  He invites them to a dinner at Gimli’s Beard to meet the entire group and discuss a reward.

After some shopping (Bran buys a set of smith’s tools and Fang buys ingredients to brew a Potion of Healing), they meet at the Midnight Star to stow their gear and get cleaned up for dinner.

In typical Dwerg fashion, dinner is informal but delicious.  Everybody eats and drinks well.  Theren gets a bit drunk (he failed a constitution save).  The conversation is pleasant and simple until Matthius Ironstar wants to know a bit more about the group’s travels and more detail about Slythis and what happened to the Dwerg smith.

Matthius dismisses everybody in the room when the group makes it obvious they have things to say that they do not wish just anybody to know.  Matthius understands this but wants to know whatever the group will tell him about their situation.

Bran, Fang and Theren relay their story including the sigils on their hands.  Matthius does not fully comprehend what it all means since he is not part of Mentari’s Secret.  That, however, does not stop him from wanting to help the group.  In addition to a nice stack of gold coins, he upgrades their favored weapons to master-crafted with a little magical boost (+1 weapons… their first magical weapons).

They part with Matthius appreciative of his reward and knowing they have a potential ally in the coming days to thwart whatever evil may be coming.  They return to their room at the Midnight Star and plan to leave the next day.  They will not be heading for Welandar City to seek out the secret library and investigate the circumstances of the king’s murder.

Session 12 looks to be a little more “busy”.  They will be making their way to Welandar City, and well… there’s no way things are going to go perfectly 😉

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Type to you later 🙂

4 thoughts on “Game Night, Session 11; Lon-Kar

  1. I have to say this is so entertaining (even though I’m super behind), and you and your group seem to work together really well! You all are great at crafting a world and the people(beings) populating it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you’re liking it. As DM, I guess I carry most of the creative load. Without the players and their characters, though, the world would be a still painting. I feed off the actions they have their characters take and the constant discussions and role-playing they have on game nights. I try to avoid leading so much as supporting, if you take my meaning. And yes, my players are excellent creators, themselves. We have outside of session discussions regularly where we kick around ideas for things. I listen to the background ideas they have about their characters and build the world from that. It’s all about connecting the characters and thus, the players to my campaign world. Thanks again for the positive comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, definitely. As a DM you definitely have to give them the framework to work off of. It’s great when they pick up on that and run with it. I’m always excited to read your posts about all of the adventures (and people who read your blog must think I’m some sort of stalker, ha).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, I don’t get a lot of traffic according to the stats. Stalker or not, you follow my blog more than anybody. I’ll risk the stalker thing 😉 Thanks for sticking with me.


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