Game Night, Session Nine. What’s Next?

I guess chapter 1 has reached its end.  They finally meet Mert.  Remember Mert? That’s who Perry Braiton told them to find at the beginning of all this.  After kidnapping them to get their attention, he told them to find Mert for information about the sigils on their hands and to understand about the recurring dreams.  He said that he made a promise to the king (and others) that he would set those he found with the mark on their hands on the path to discover their purpose.

So, they left their home town of Braiton and journeyed to Piketon to seek out Mert.  The journey was not easy.  In fact, it was almost deadly.

But meeting Mert did not necessarily come easy…

After policing the bodies of the Krell they managed to kill, Bran, Theren and Fang complete their journey to find Mert… hopefully.

The scene they come upon is that of a nicely built small cabin at the edge of the tree line.  It’s sits at the top of a hill that overlooks the lake.  Bran notices the broken windows and heavily damaged front door first.  He bolts toward the cabin calling for Mert.  Fang and Theren trail behind a little looking for signs of trouble nearby.

Bran reaches the porch and runs through the door that is nearly off its hinges.  He spots an older woman lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood.  A quick search lets him know that her attacker is no longer there.  He checks the woman for signs of life and is relieved to feel that she is still warm and has a pulse.

Theren and Fang arrive at this point.  Bran gets Fang set to trying to heal the woman.  Theren starts looking around the cabin.  There is an aura in the cabin that he senses, and it seems familiar to him.

Fang starts using his healing magic to try and bring the woman around.  She is badly beaten and very near death.  He casts a healing spell, and it does not work as well as he thought it should.  He then invokes his totem spirit, asking it to bring healing energies to the woman.  Again, the magic of the spirit does not take hold as it should.  Fortunately, though, the magic works well enough to stabilize her.  It even seems to reduce some of the internal injuries that Fang is sure she sustained from such a horrible beating.

Fang gets help from the others to put Mert in her bed. He hopes that a night’s rest will help bring her around since the healing magic was suppressed somehow.

The group decides to make themselves “at home” while they monitor Merts health as best they can.  Given the footprints and their own encounter, they are pretty certain Mert had a run-in with Krell as well.  They just had to wait until Mert recovered enough to wake up and tell them what happened to her.

They spend the night.  Throughout this time Bran is rather certain that they are being watched from the woods behind the cabin.  Nothing comes of it, but Theren’s explanation of what he sensed in the cabin when they first arrived has them all on edge.  Do they have another Slythis on their hands?

Mert does recover, and Fang uses his healing magic to restore her since the aura that was suppressing his magic has faded.

Introductions are made and the group explains how they found her.  She thanks them, but then asks why they are there in the first place.

After an explanation, it becomes Mert’s turn to explain what she can to them about the sigils on their hands.  She starts by saying that the history of the Kingdom of Welandar as they know it is not accurate.

The founding Welandar king, Markus, did not sail from another continent in search of a fertile land to form his kingdom.  In fact, Markus and the original people of the Kingdom are not even from Ursalon.  They are from a completely different world.  They came here to escape their dying world.

Markus made a pact with Mentari to protect his people.  Part of the pact was that the people from the other world would “forget” the truth of their origins and the Welandar bloodline would have to remain on the throne indefinitely.  The burden that the Welandar royal line would carry would be knowing the truth and the reason they had to stay on the throne.

As a means of remaining on the throne, a “tradition” was created.  The ruling Welandar had to have, at least, one child.  The first-born child would assume the throne on his or her 25th birthday with the ruling parent stepping down to live the rest of their days as an adviser.

And so, this is how the Welandar family has remained rulers of the Kingdom for nearly a millennium and Mentari’s Secret has remained intact… until now.  With the king’s untimely death and no apparent first-born to assume the throne, the pact is essentially broken.  Not even Mert, who is very long-lived, knows what breaking the pact could mean.  She guesses, though, that it is probably not a good thing.

Mert does not know much else save that the sigils translate to mean, “Mentari’s Secret”.  There are those that have served this… agency of the pact… including her since its inception.  She even shows that she carries the sigil, but it is on her shoulder.  She surmises that the group having the sigils on their left hands indicates they have been chosen to either find a way to restore the pact or stop whatever bad thing is going to happen to the Kingdom of Welandar and its people because of the broken pact.

She tries to explain the lack of knowledge as part of the “forgetfulness” created by the pact.  She believes that since the breaking of the pact, agents of Mentari’s Secret might begin, at the very least, having some idea of what they need to do to help the chosen – of which there might be more than just Theren, Fang and Bran… maybe.  She says that is why Perry Braiton acted to set the group on the path to find her.  He truly does not know much other than he knew to make a promise to the king to serve when needed, and that was likely due to the fact that he is a cleric of Mentari.  When he noticed the three having sigils on their hands, he knew he had to act to get them moving and not much else.

Finally, all of this is to work against an opposing agency that is trying to make sure that Mentari’s Secret is not restored – if that is even possible – and allow for whatever BAD has been set in motion.  Mert believes that is why a creature like Slythis came along… and maybe this Krell, Kogan, attacked her and will likely pursue the group.  They could be similar to Mentari’s Secret in that they are not sure who or what they serve, but that they must work to get rid of anyone that can prevent whatever evil is going to happen.

Mert recommends that they seek out the secret library in the castle in Welandar City.  She suspects that there are documents that explain the truth of things and what breaking the pact might mean.  When asked about how long they had, Mert could not answer.  She didn’t think that things would happen too quickly, but if they were going to take on the task, they should not take too long.

The group decides to head back to Piketon to recover their cart and things.  Bran requests that they go to Lon-Kar, the Dwerg city on the east side of the lake.  He wants to seek out the Ironstar family and return the battleaxe he recovered from the dwerg smith that was murdered by Slythis on Piketon Road.  Given that the urgency of their quest is not immediate and the possibility of finding other possible information and resources (reward???) by going to Lon-Kar, they agree to travel there on their way to Welandar City.

And this ended Session 9.  I hope you enjoy this next part of the story as much as I did “playing” it.  Session 10 is coming soon.  Will they be pursued by this Krell that already seems rather powerful?  Will they find the “resources” they are hoping to find in Lon-Kar.  We’ll see…

Oh yeah, they forgot to ask about their shared dream/nightmare  😮

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Type to you later 🙂

3 thoughts on “Game Night, Session Nine. What’s Next?

  1. Ooooh, the plot thickens. Long-kept secrets are always fun. I’m so curious to know what will happen next! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your sessions with us (though I’m green with envy lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for hanging with me on this. I’m happy to tell the story. It’s decidedly fun to have others that are interested in what happens to the group in this campaign. Don’t be green with envy, though. Start a group of your own. You just have to want to do it bad enough to make the time for it. Our game nights never go more than 3 or 4 hours, so it’s not hard to make that kind of time one evening a week. I have discovered that it’s pretty easy to do the tabletop thing online, too. We use Discord for voice chat and messaging. I subscribed to Fantasy Grounds for $10 US a month and the rest of the group uses it for free. It’s a powerful tool for D&D. The only other money I’ve invested is for the game modules FG needs for the mechanics of whatever game (D&D 5E in our case) you want to play. I’ve spent about $90 US on those. You don’t have to spend anything to get a basic D&D game going, though. There is some stuff already built in that works really well. Just a thought.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to start a group, but sadly all of my roleplaying-game interest friends are in vastly different time zones from me and each other, which ends up making it not work. I would definitely be willing to invest if it came to this, but I might figure out a non-real-time way and do it anyway, who knows. Thanks for the tips!

        Liked by 1 person

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