12 Hours… 12 Days

Well, the number 13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car and her team find themselves at the virtual version of Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit this week. We are getting ready for the 12 Hours of Bathurst race on iRacing this Saturday. This track is a beast. It is literally on a small mountain. You race up to the top through some undulating twists and turns, then come down another set of undulating twists and turns to, hopefully, find yourself and your car in one piece crossing the start/finish line in as little time as possible. This is gonna be a loooonnngg race, me thinks. I haven’t gotten much practice just yet. I have turned a decent lap time… a few times… BUT I GOTTA DO IT ABOUT 30 LAPS PER STINT… 4 STINTS… WITH OTHER CARS ON THE TRACK!!! Don’t get me wrong. This track is a blast, but I’ve never had great luck here. My skill is… well… I feel it’s lacking when it comes to this track. I’m going to make make my best effort – it’s all I can do. I just hope it’s enough. My team has done a good job of setting up the car. It handles really well. I just have to figure out how to make use of that in a manner that gets me around that track for nearly 120 laps (my 4 stints out of 12) so that the car is handed off to the next driver in good shape.

The truth is that we stand a chance to do really well here, if we keep our heads about us and not get too aggressive. That is much easier said than done when the object is to be the first team to cross the finish line 12 hours after the green flag drops. But it appears that a strategic race will pay off much bigger than trying to race door handle to door handle with every other GT3 car out there. Any race that I’ve seen here in the real world or in simulation appears to have a great deal of attrition. This track is tough, and it will slap a driver and race car hard for just a simple mistake or lapse in concentration. There are hard walls on the technical parts of the track. The track is arguably not that wide, either. This place can have a “pinball” effect on cars that lose it. And the lack of width combined with close racing can create some… traffic jams.

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m hopping in the virtual race car again. I’m looking forward to it in spite of the angst. I think the nerves might be part of the fun… go figure.

Until next time 🙂

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I took a couple of writing classes in high school. They stuck. I'm a gamer and a writer. I'm a techie. I like to ponder many different things. My mind is always racing with something. Since I like to write, I'll share some of what's racing around in my head. I appreciate you following along. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to let me know what you think, too. Conversations are better than monologues.

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