We Made It…

iRacing’s 24 Hours of Daytona

The #13 Delta-V Racing Mercedes AMG GT3 car gridded P15 in class on this past Saturday morning. The green flag dropped on a rolling start that entered turn 1 cleanly for the entire field. Alan, Adam, JR and I took turns driving this beast around Daytona International Speedway’s road course for 24 hours as quickly as possible. Our goal? Finish in as high a position as possible in the GT3 class.

We finished in 8th. It was a hard earned 8th position for sure. The car did not look this clean and this free of damage at the end. Mistakes were made and we paid the price in a loss of top speed and a reduction in handling capability. We had to learn how to drive the car again after a couple of on-track “altercations” had changed the handling of the car. The virtual pit crew could only repair so much, and we, the drivers, were stuck with the remaining damage.

But pushing through fatigue in the middle of the night, trying to stay focused, in general, while making the same turns over and over again and dodging the traffic in the form of classes of cars that were much faster than us were signs of our determination and desire to endure to the end.

It would pay off, though.

No, it was not a spectacular ending. No, we didn’t win… even if we had, there was no trophy (maybe an “atta boy” from other drivers) to be had. There were just memories and the satisfaction that we had taken our hobby of sim racing to the next level and drove our team car – like those in real life – from the day through the night and back to the day. And at the end, we finished the race with the car in one piece (mostly) as a team.

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I took a couple of writing classes in high school. They stuck. I'm a gamer and a writer. I'm a techie. I like to ponder many different things. My mind is always racing with something. Since I like to write, I'll share some of what's racing around in my head. I appreciate you following along. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to let me know what you think, too. Conversations are better than monologues.

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