Vegas and other Shtuff

It’s been a bit since I verbally assaulted my followers on this here WordPress thingy. You’re welcome… ;-P

So, I just got back from a short trip to Las Vegas.  I’m still wondering at the fact that it had been 7 years since my last trip there.  Anyway, the wife and I met up with my best friend and his wife for a 4-day vacation in Sin City.  My buddy grew up out there, so his interest in being on The Strip is much reduced.  That makes the trip even more fun.  We did more than just hang out in casinos and lose money.  We did that, too, but we did a little more.

My buddy has family out there still.  So, we spent some time with them.  We did some shopping at one of his nephew’s favorite places.  We went out to dinner at some pretty good “not-on-the-strip” restaurants.  It was a pleasant experience, in general.

We went to Mount Charleston National Recreation Area just outside of Vegas.  That was a great time. We did a short hike to the top of Cathedral Rock that, in about 1.5 miles, had about 1700 feet of elevation change.  It started at 7000 feet, so the air was a little thin.  There was a lot of huffing and puffing to say the least (plus we’re all a little out of shape… well spherical is technically a shape).  It provided some pretty awesome views.


All in all, a good little vacation.

I think I disappointed my mom the other day.  I had to tell her I was not heading to my home town for Thanksgiving this year.  My daughter wants to be home for Thanksgiving.  She has been away at college since about March.  She stayed there over the summer for some classes, so there was no “home for summer” for her, either.  Part of me feels bad for not being Home for Thanksgiving, but another part of me is looking very forward to having my daughter at the house and generally having a relaxed Thanksgiving holiday.  I try to get Home as much as I can, but things don’t always work out that way.  With time off limitations and the desire to do other things besides only visiting my home town when I do get time off, sometimes I have to make hard choices.  I promise to be there for Christmas 🙂

On a different – and definitely brighter – note, I am making my return to iRacing in December. For those that don’t know, I decided a few months ago to take a break from my virtual racing career.  I was getting burnt out.  I needed to get away from it and allow myself to relax a bit.  I was stressing myself more than I should over a game.  Yes, I said game.  In spite of it being a killer simulation, it is still a game.  I was getting so concerned about getting good (for me, anyway) results, that it was becoming a job and losing the fun factor.  Don’t get me wrong it’s supposed to be “serious” fun, but still fun.

So anyway, I was asked by a buddy a week ago if I would team up with him for a 2-hour mini-endurance race he was setting up for his online racing league.  Even though I was not planning on doing anything sim racing related until after the first of the year, it didn’t take a whole lot of thinking to go for it.  It felt good when he reacted so positively to my acceptance.  On top of that, the team endurance events are probably my favorite form of racing, sim or otherwise.  I really am looking forward to it.

Finally, I wanted to make sure I acknowledged my followers.  I’m up over 30 followers now.  It feels good to have an audience.  I appreciate you guys taking the time to read my gibberish here.  Let me know if you want more of a particular type of my gibberish.  I’ve still got my Mind the Shadows thing rattling around in my noggin.  I’ve been putting some thought into my fantasy story idea, too.  The bottom line is I love to get feedback and the thoughts of others on things.  I really enjoy the “likes” and comments, so keep them coming.

Thanks for hanging out and giving me a read 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vegas and other Shtuff

  1. This popped up below your post from today, and I knew where it was just by the photo. Gorgeous! I’m saving up to buy an RV so we can drive down towards Vegas and all the cool stuff in between Reno and Vegas. I’m in a Nevada Nature Lovers Group and people post shots from here all the time and I can’t wait to see it! Hehe, bit of a random comment on an old post, but hey!

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