A Response to DSFB, but I Liked its… Magic :-)

So, I was reading through a post by Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha (he posts good stuff).  He posited that science and magic are both equally wondrous and mysterious.  I completely agree, but a took it a bit further in a comment I posted to his thread.  When I got done reading it, I decided it was worth making my own post.  Yay, me? 😉

Science? Magic? A difference? When all in Reality that can be discovered, tested and verified is such, only the mind and will is left to affect Reality. Then it becomes a renewed matter of discovery, testing and verification, but now it’s on how the mind and will affects Reality. So, magic? Science? A difference?

Go back and read his post to help make sense of this.  Give DSFB a follow, too.  Thanks for the inspiration, ‘Buddha.

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I took a couple of writing classes in high school. They stuck. I'm a gamer and a writer. I'm a techie. I like to ponder many different things. My mind is always racing with something. Since I like to write, I'll share some of what's racing around in my head. I appreciate you following along. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to let me know what you think, too. Conversations are better than monologues.

3 thoughts on “A Response to DSFB, but I Liked its… Magic :-)”

  1. I think magic and science are just two different ways to explain the same thing. Back in the 1200’s in England, Roger Bacon experimented with alchemy and really founded the science of chemistry. But when his experiments blew up a couple of his students, he stood accused of sorcery. Magic? A word for miraculous effects created by a science you don’t understand yourself yet. Of course I am not basing this conclusion on experience. I myself have never tried blowing up a student, even after 31 years of teaching.

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    1. I agree from an “outside, looking in” perception. I just wonder if science transitions to magic at the point when one’s will alone starts having an effect on reality. Or does it simply become “arcane science” 🙂
      I’ve also wondered if, some day, we will see science and spirituality/faith (belief in a deity) “merge”. Is it possible to discover God in a scientific manner? Or… is there a point where science must transition to or embrace spirituality/faith to progress?
      I like to bake my noodle on that kind of thinking.

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      1. That is some impressive noodle-baking. I also wonder long and hard about about the limits of will and determination. Can it be made tangible like the Green Lantern does in comic books? Or is that comic-book thinking and not part of the real world? Science to me is empirical and provable, and these peripheral notions have to be studied and proven to become science. Anything is possible, and science will have to work on that truth for a while before it is proven.

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