Wow, It’s been over a year O_O

I have been hacking at this bloggy thing for over a year now.  I started it in October of last year.  I’m impressed (sometimes I do that… impress myself).  Before Mind Racing 9, I don’t think I stuck with something like this for more than a few months.  I’d lose interest or find some other distraction.  I don’t know.  I’d just quit.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have not been super regular with my posting here, but the fact that I keep coming back around to it every so often kind of surprises me.  I’ve managed to post at least once every month.  It makes me happy with… well… me <grin>.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks to those that have reacted and/or responded in some way to my posts and my crappy little story.  I can argue with some degree of validity that I don’t necessarily need an audience to crank out a few words.  I do it because I like it.  BUT… it helps and motivates when I know that others are reading what I’ve written.  I like to stir thoughts and/or feelings in someone with my writing… even if it is nausea 😛  So, serisously… thanks.

I think I’ll keep it going.  You’ve been warned 😉