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Sitting in my racing/gaming rig looking out my “office” window.  There is a Mockingbird sitting in the Crepe Myrtle bush that provides a bit of cover for my window.  I’m listening to the prattle of my best friend and the gaming group doing Survival Sunday.  They are playing Empyrion: Galactic Survival for this Survival Sunday stream we do on Twitch.  I’m not playing, though.  I’m just not a big fan of this game.  I bought it on sale and tried it, but could not see fit to put a bunch of time into it.  Hopefully, the next game picked for Survival Sunday will be more appealing to me.  It’s still not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

A short break to get “dinner”, if you will.  I went to QT.  Taquitos for me and corndogs for the wife… Diet Dew for both of us.  Not the most nutritious meal, but tasty.

It was a good day.  It was a lazy day, but it was nice to have rain.  Fall might actually be showing signs of being here.  I’m hoping for the best on that one.  I enjoyed spending time with the wife running errands and watching the first season of The Shannara Chronicles.

As a fan of the series of novels by Terry Brooks, I was definitely intrigued about the possibility of a television show.  The creators did a pretty good job with it. Obviously, they didn’t follow Brooks’ manuscript too close, but the overall storyline in Elfstones of Shannara was followed and well portrayed.  The “feel” of the world of Shannara was also captured very well.

The most enjoyment I have gotten out of watching it, though, has been putting faces to the characters in the books.  With the exception of Allanon, I’d argue that they selected a good cast to represent the characters, and Allanon is not much of an exception.  While Manu Bennett does a great job of portaying Allanon, his look is not quite how I had pictured Allanon.  I picture Allanon as nearly 7 feet tall and a bit gaunter.  Manu Bennett is not 7 feet tall and more solid than how I see Allanon.  Nonetheless, the series is pretty good.

Enough for now…


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I'm just a guy that was taught as a kid to keep a journal and write about what is on my mind. My mind is always racing with something, and some of it will get put out here. I appreciate you following along and any feedback you give me.

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