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The goblin snarled and spat something in its disagreeable sounding language.  Yellow eyes filled with hatred gleamed with bloodlust.  Bern had been forced to deal with a goblin before, but not like this.  The goblin he had encountered a year ago near his father’s barn put on a show of being a threat but ran off as soon as he hefted his club and made it obvious he was going to fight.  This one, though, was a little bigger and apparently a lot meaner.  Bern suddenly felt compelled to decide if maybe he should run.

The enraged goblin repeated whatever it had said before and took a few steps forward.  It was less than 10 paces away now.  It also drew a primitive, but very nasty looking shaped bone dagger.  Bern realized this one was not bluffing.  He had no idea what the goblin was saying, but he had a distinct feeling that it had something to do with what the goblin was planning on doing with is body parts.  A cold chill went down Bern’s spine as the adrenaline in his body was released.  Fight or flight?

As his heart began to pump and his breathing quickened, Bern’s instinct told him that a fight was inevitable.  So, he raised his trusty ironwood club holding it at waist height, level with the ground and angled off to the right.  He let his knees bend slightly and ground his feet into the loose soil.  He was going to let the goblin make the first move and close the distance between them.  Bern planned on forcing the goblin to rush him hoping to get a good swing before having to deal with dodging that vicious looking dagger it was brandishing. He hoped he could keep forcing the goblin to run by and have to turn and rush in again.  Bern knew his club was useless if the goblin got inside his swing.  Bern also knew that all it would take was one good swing.

Well?  More?  Shut up?  Let me know  🙂


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I'm just a guy that was taught as a kid to keep a journal and write about what is on my mind. My mind is always racing with something, and some of it will get put out here. I appreciate you following along and any feedback you give me.

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