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Sitting in my racing/gaming rig looking out my “office” window.  There is a Mockingbird sitting in the Crepe Myrtle bush that provides a bit of cover for my window.  I’m listening to the prattle of my best friend and the gaming group doing Survival Sunday.  They are playing Empyrion: Galactic Survival for this Survival Sunday stream we do on Twitch.  I’m not playing, though.  I’m just not a big fan of this game.  I bought it on sale and tried it, but could not see fit to put a bunch of time into it.  Hopefully, the next game picked for Survival Sunday will be more appealing to me.  It’s still not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

A short break to get “dinner”, if you will.  I went to QT.  Taquitos for me and corndogs for the wife… Diet Dew for both of us.  Not the most nutritious meal, but tasty.

It was a good day.  It was a lazy day, but it was nice to have rain.  Fall might actually be showing signs of being here.  I’m hoping for the best on that one.  I enjoyed spending time with the wife running errands and watching the first season of The Shannara Chronicles.

As a fan of the series of novels by Terry Brooks, I was definitely intrigued about the possibility of a television show.  The creators did a pretty good job with it. Obviously, they didn’t follow Brooks’ manuscript too close, but the overall storyline in Elfstones of Shannara was followed and well portrayed.  The “feel” of the world of Shannara was also captured very well.

The most enjoyment I have gotten out of watching it, though, has been putting faces to the characters in the books.  With the exception of Allanon, I’d argue that they selected a good cast to represent the characters, and Allanon is not much of an exception.  While Manu Bennett does a great job of portaying Allanon, his look is not quite how I had pictured Allanon.  I picture Allanon as nearly 7 feet tall and a bit gaunter.  Manu Bennett is not 7 feet tall and more solid than how I see Allanon.  Nonetheless, the series is pretty good.

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A Little More Testing

A bit more…  Keep the feedback coming.  I really appreciate it.  Apparently I need the motivation, too <grin>

The goblin feinted a rush, but only took a couple of steps.  Bern’s awareness was on overdrive, though, and he did not react to the feint.  This seemed to make the goblin even more angry – if that was possible.  It screamed in rage at Bern and thrust the dagger into the air over its head.  Bern was a bit confused by the display, but would not let his concentration waver.  Bern knew that the goblin could kill him if given the opportunity.  Bern was not planning on dying that day.

The rush came, and Bern was ready.  His muscular body tensed as he prepared to unleash his strength through the club.  The goblin was not stupid and stayed to Bern’s right side as it closed the distance.  It was apparently hoping to minimize the swing of the club.

What the goblin did not know, however, was that Bern had been carrying and swinging that 3-foot long piece of shaped ironwood since he was five summers old.  Now at 20 summers, the club had become the extension of a very powerful body.  And Bern knew how to use that club just as well as his father’s garden hoe and plow.  The goblin was stopped hard in its tracks by a quick, sharp jab to the face with the end of the club.  A muffled crunch could be heard as the bulbous nose on the goblin’s face was crushed.

Bern did not waist a moment as he spun to his right starting a roundhouse swing of the club leveled at the goblin’s head.  The goblin was quicker, though, better seasoned in a fight and less stunned than expected.  It ducked Bern’s swing and lashed out with its dagger, taking advantage of the momentum Bern had created for himself with such a powerful swing.

As the club whiffed through the air just above the goblin’s head, the sound of tearing homespun cloth could be clearly heard.  In spite of the blurred vision that a crushing shot to the nose most assuredly had caused, the goblin had aimed its thrust well, and the dagger caught Bern’s tunic tearing quite a hole in it underneath his right arm.  Then as the goblin pulled back, it managed to turn slightly into Bern and rake the dagger across his flank.

Bern gasped through gritted teeth as white hot fire shot through his side.  He stumbled slightly as he pulled away from the source of the pain.  The falter in balance probably saved his life because the goblin had managed to keep some its footing and tried to thrust the jagged bone dagger into Bern a second time.  Another hole was torn in Bern’s tunic, but the dagger only tasted cloth that time.

Bern had never been truly injured in the few fights he’d experienced before this one, and most of those fights did not involve potentially lethal weapons like the goblin’s dagger or opponents with such deadly intent.  The searing pain on his side was causing Bern to feel a little lightheaded, and the biting panic of fearing for one’s life was trying to take hold of his psyche.  As level-headed as he usually was, Bern had not been prepared to deal with what he found himself facing in the fight with this goblin.

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The goblin snarled and spat something in its disagreeable sounding language.  Yellow eyes filled with hatred gleamed with bloodlust.  Bern had been forced to deal with a goblin before, but not like this.  The goblin he had encountered a year ago near his father’s barn put on a show of being a threat but ran off as soon as he hefted his club and made it obvious he was going to fight.  This one, though, was a little bigger and apparently a lot meaner.  Bern suddenly felt compelled to decide if maybe he should run.

The enraged goblin repeated whatever it had said before and took a few steps forward.  It was less than 10 paces away now.  It also drew a primitive, but very nasty looking shaped bone dagger.  Bern realized this one was not bluffing.  He had no idea what the goblin was saying, but he had a distinct feeling that it had something to do with what the goblin was planning on doing with is body parts.  A cold chill went down Bern’s spine as the adrenaline in his body was released.  Fight or flight?

As his heart began to pump and his breathing quickened, Bern’s instinct told him that a fight was inevitable.  So, he raised his trusty ironwood club holding it at waist height, level with the ground and angled off to the right.  He let his knees bend slightly and ground his feet into the loose soil.  He was going to let the goblin make the first move and close the distance between them.  Bern planned on forcing the goblin to rush him hoping to get a good swing before having to deal with dodging that vicious looking dagger it was brandishing. He hoped he could keep forcing the goblin to run by and have to turn and rush in again.  Bern knew his club was useless if the goblin got inside his swing.  Bern also knew that all it would take was one good swing.

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