Distractions and Thoughts

Well, once again, it’s been a while since I posted.  I apologize to those that actually give a shit.  As for the rest of you… meh.  I’ll apologize to you when you decide to care that I’m posting.  How’s that?

I’ve let myself slip into a routine that involves coming home and gaming most every night lately.  I have really been enjoying gaming with my best friend and the rest of that group.  It really has been a good time.  I suppose another reason for this, though, is the fact that it is a distraction from day-to-day life.  There are some big changes on the horizon for my family and me.  So, it’s just been a preference of mine to come home, eat some dinner with my family, then plop down in my rig and play some games with friends.  That way I can take my mind off what’s coming.

The first big change is my daughter heading off to college.  While it’s been my wife and daughter doing most of the prepping for this, it has definitely been on my mind.  I’ve been paying attention even when I’m not directly involved in the preparation.  I’m the one looking over shoulders and trying to figure out how all this is going to make it to the college, making sure the vehicles -especially the one going with my daughter – are in working order and thinking about how to make all this happen in as simple, safe and sane of a manner as possible.  I just want to make sure that her move into a dorm room is as painless as possible, so that she can settle in and focus on dealing with college.

The other big distraction is the fact that somewhere in the midst of all this, I decided to change jobs.  I was contacted by a colleague that left where I’m currently working a while back, and he offered to put me in touch with his boss who happened to be looking for a engineering technician.  As someone who makes it a point to never pass up the possibility of bettering my situation in life, I decided to go for an interview.  The interview led me to an offer for something that appears to be a better opportunity for me.  That, of course, prompted me to start the process of accepting the offer, thus going through the hiring process and then giving notice to the place where I’m working now.  I have no problem admitting that I have been dealing with some angst over this whole process which, by the way, is not quite over.  I don’t start the new job until the first of next month.  Needless to say, I’m nervous about this change.  It’s a different industry and a little bit different employment situation than anything else I’ve dealt with over the years.

The decision to change jobs was not  easy, but I have come to the realization that my situation where I am is not what it could be.  So, I decided to take a chance on this new thing.  I’m hoping for the best.  Wish me luck?

I haven’t even been racing.  I definitely needed a break from it, but it has not been easy for me to get back into it.  I’m not sure why, either.  Part of it is being busy and distracted by everything I mentioned.  I guess I feel it takes a level of focus and commitment that I didn’t feel like I could and/or want to give… until just the past couple of days 🙂

Today, I kind of insinuated myself into spotting for one of my fellow iRacers and his teammate for an endurance race.  Clark, I apologize if I pushed myself into the situation without permission, but I had a lot of fun up to the point I got called away.  Thanks for letting me hang out and “help”.  Since that, I’ve done some practicing.  I guess in spite of being distracted and nervous about life events, the “dust” is settling enough for me to want back into the race 😉

To my buddy and gaming group: I may not be gaming with you guys as much.  I hope you’re okay with that.  I miss my hobby, and I think it’s time to get going on it again.  I still plan on trying to be around for Survival Sunday and a couple nights or so a week.

Now for Mind the Shadows…

I haven’t lost interest.  But I have gotten a little lazy with all this other shit on my mind.  I need to put some time into that, too.  It may be fewer and further between for reasons, but I definitely want to continue the story.

With my daughter leaving, I want to make sure I’m around for my wife.  She is far more sentimental about my daughter going off to college than I am.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ll miss her, too, and I am concerned with making sure this college thing goes as well as possible, but I’m a bit more… forward-thinking?  I am the type of person that looks forward to the “next part of life”, if you will.  I would not change having my daughter and raising her for the world.  It has been awesome.  But I won’t lie and say that I am not looking forward to being an “empty nester”, either.  It will be nice not having to plan my daily life around what’s going on with my daughter in grade school.  I enjoyed it all for sure, and I’ll even miss it some. But like I said, I’m looking forward to not having to make sure something my wife and/or I want to do isn’t interfering with some school event.  I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter become her own person and take charge of her own life, and I’m looking forward to having the freedom that gives me.  I guess I’m just always a little curious to see what happens next…

Well, enough for now.  I’ll try not to let it be so long again before I’m jabbering about life shtuff again.


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I'm just a guy that was taught as a kid to keep a journal and write about what is on my mind. My mind is always racing with something, and some of it will get put out here. I appreciate you following along and any feedback you give me.

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