Proudly Back on the ‘Air’…

Yes, I’ve neglected making blog posts.  Yes, I’ve not been working on Mind the Shadows.  There has been many good things going on in my daily life that have been a distraction… at the least.  I guess I will offer that as an excuse, if you choose to view it as such.

The most major thing going on for me was my daughter’s end of high school/senior activities and then finally graduating high school yesterday.  I have been significantly distracted by all that has entailed.  I have been internally processing what all that means for sure.  The biggest part of my “distraction”, though, has been making sure I was there for my wife and kid and to help where I could in general.  My wife was very busy staying on top of all that has gone on as my daughter closed out all the “last” high school events and getting ready for our celebration of the graduation both physically and emotionally.  The physical part has been draining for sure, but the realization of having your offspring make that first true rite of passage into adulthood adds tons of thoughts and feelings on top of the stress of getting ready for guests and preparing a party.  This started a few weeks ago with an honors banquet (top 10% of her class) and then a final orchestra concert and more.  It’s been a busy few weeks 🙂

I am very proud of my daughter.  She still has much to learn about “real life”, but she kicked ass in school.  Her hard work paid off in the form of acceptance to the college of her choice for an education in something she wants to learn for a career.  That is no small feat.  Yep, I am very proud of her.

I’m a little less sentimental about these things, I guess, in some ways.  I’ve always been a person that lives, learns and experiences things on a day-to-day basis as best I know how.  When certain “chapters” come to a close, however, I am also a person who while glad to have had the experiences, is also ready for the next thing.  I don’t miss the past in the same way some folks do.  I like to reminisce for sure, and my memories are important to me.  But I don’t spend a lot of time moping about because things aren’t the same anymore.  While I might stress about change on some levels, I tend to reconcile myself as quickly as I can and end up looking forward to what’s next.

Make no mistake, though, that I have been deeply thinking about all this graduation stuff and am very happy how it has all played out.  I mean I reproduced and helped raise a kid… and we all survived without jail time, unwanted pregnancy and any delinquency in general.  In fact, my daughter has turned out damn good.  That definitely counts for a helluva lot to me.  My wife and daughter are most of my world, not to mention the best parts.  When my daughter goes off to college in a couple of months, I will likely miss her a little, but I’m also looking forward to the next chapter in my life, whatever, than might entail.

So, when I’ve had time for myself, I’ve let myself relax by playing games online with my best friend.  It has been a very welcome escape lately.  It has allowed me time to think, but still have some fun.  It has helped with that reconciliation thing.  I’d say that I am emerging on the other side of this roller coaster in a very good place.

Good job, kid… good job.