Leap Day… MuckinFonday

It’s a shame we can’t whittle Mondays down to once every 4 years.  :-/

I can’t say Leap Day was a great day.  It was a Monday.  I started a hashtag on Facebook a while back, heh, heh: #muckinfondays

I’ve got a few things tagged out there under that hashtag.

I’m not a Monday person for sure, so I like to try and post a little crap event that happens on a Monday and tag it.  I got to do that today.  For some reason, it makes me feel a little better about Mondays.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I bitched or just put it out there for others to relate.  I do know that it’s kind of fun, and helps lighten up a rough start to the week.

Hope you survived your Monday 😉

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