Happy New Year.

It was a long week.  I was getting used to 3-day weeks with the way work holidays fell.  This was the first FULL week back.  I know… wah, wah.  But hey, it’s my blog 😛


Sorry for the lack of keyboard work.  I’ve been letting myself get distracted too easy.  I’ve been wracking my brain a bit on Mind the Shadows.  I’m trying to tie a couple things together, and for whatever reason, I’m getting more out of just beating my head against the desk.  I’ve also  had a couple of preliminary other ideas starting to rattle around.   I’m afraid if I go down another “rabbit hole”, though, I won’t come back to the Shadows anytime soon.  Any advice?  Do I mess around with something else and hope to come back to the Shadows?  I’m pretty sure the indecision has created my lack of motivation.  Funny how that works.



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I'm just a guy that was taught as a kid to keep a journal and write about what is on my mind. My mind is always racing with something, and some of it will get put out here. I appreciate you following along and any feedback you give me.

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