Mind the Shadows… again

So, I’ve decided to put the beginning of Mind the Shadows back out here.¬† I’ve gotten a few more followers that I hope will give it a read and tell me what they think (hint, hint) ūüôā¬† I just got done reading what I put on the page, and I liked it.¬† That said, I might be a little biased, heh, since it IS my idea.¬† So, please, tell me what you think.¬† Do you want to read more?¬† Does my writing suck or kick ass?

I’m undecided about putting more on the page in the future.¬† At one point, I thought about just adding to it until I was done and just calling it a freebie.¬† Instead, I have this crazy notion about letting that be a teaser for the rest of the story that I’d like to maybe publish.¬† I seriously doubt I’d sell it for much, but it would be very cool to me to actually sell my story.¬† Again, let me know what you think.¬† I need a little help/advice.

Mind the Shadows page.

Thanks, folks…

BTW, meet Marek and Jammer… well, concepts anyway ūüėČ

Marek Concept

Jammer Cartoon Portrait


A Response to DSFB, but I Liked its… Magic :-)

So, I was reading through a post by Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha (he posts good stuff).¬† He posited that science and magic are both equally wondrous and mysterious.¬† I completely agree, but a took it a bit further in a comment I posted to his thread.¬† When I got done reading it, I decided it was worth making my own post.¬† Yay, me? ūüėČ

Science? Magic? A difference? When all in Reality that can be discovered, tested and verified is such, only the mind and will is left to affect Reality. Then it becomes a renewed matter of discovery, testing and verification, but now it’s on how the mind and will affects Reality. So, magic? Science? A difference?

Go back and read his post to help make sense of this.¬† Give DSFB a follow, too.¬† Thanks for the inspiration, ‘Buddha.

The Epic Retur… Who Am I Kidding?!?!?

A walk in the woods…

The wife and I decided to go hiking this morning Рa good decision.  With the sweltering heat of Texas summers seemingly on the decline, we decided it was time for some outdoor activity.  We went to Rowlett Creek Preserve over near Garland.  It turned out to be a couple of hours of good fun.

I’ve ridden RCP a lot over the years.¬† It’s a great all-around mountain biking trail that has a little of everything for the off-road riding enthusiast.¬† It’s been a source of exercise and a ton of fun over the years since I started riding.¬† I didn’t realize, though, how different it is to walk the trail out there.¬† It’s a very different perspective.¬† We got to see things that you just don’t see when negotiating the twists and turns and various obstacles the trail offers when on a bike.¬† Seeing wildlife – mostly toads, frogs and birds – much more often and in a much closer proximity was interesting and fun.¬† Her and I used to love hiking the state parks of Missouri, and seeing the wildlife was one of the big reasons.

We’ll have to do this more often, especially now that the air temperature is more tolerable for a “northern” boy like me ūüėČ

A pleasant surprise…

I’ve expressed my appreciation – probably not enough – for those that have chosen to follow my written ramblings on this page.¬† But today I got a follow that was kind of a surprise.¬† Since I haven’t been very active on here lately, I have no expectations of getting follows and/or seeing comments and the like when I’m not posting.¬† But¬†Mr and Mrs NW¬†saw fit to give me a follow today.¬† It was a surprise.¬† It was a very pleasant surprise.¬† It was kind of cool realizing that my page gets visits even when I’m not regularly updating it.¬† It was very cool that one of those visitors decided it was worth their time to follow my page.¬† Thanks.¬† You might have given me a bit of a boost in my motivation to start banging on the keyboard again.¬† I write for myself, but it sure is nice having an audience to entertain, too.¬† I’m a dungeon master at my core of creativity, so having “players” to present to is a good thing for me.¬† Again… thanks.

More to come.

Back in the Saddle…

Went for a trail ride today. ¬†I haven’t ridden off road in… a while. ¬†I’m not ashamed… just disappointed in myself. ¬†I had forgotten how much I enjoy mountain biking. ¬†I got my ass kicked ūüôā ¬†But I had fun. ¬†I’m already looking forward to the next ride.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that health can fail no matter what I do about it. ¬†A friend of mine had a stroke a few weeks back. ¬†He’s not even 50 yet, and he appeared to be in good health. ¬†The “numbers”, if you will, just lined up against him and it happened. ¬†So, like I said, I’m pretty aware of the fact that some things are just out of our control whether it’s a genetic thing, disease thing or something that medical technology just can’t pick up and get fixed without in-depth analysis.

That does NOT mean, however, I have a reason to just say, “f*ck it.” and let myself go. ¬†It was explained to me by the man in the hospital bed that while control might be an illusion in some cases, taking action to improve my fitness and health and stay better maintained CAN have a significant influence on the dice of my life when they are rolled. ¬†I was also told to keep cycling/biking. ¬†Today, I decided to follow that order. ¬†It was a good thing.

Here’s to hoping for his recovery, and a thanks for reminding me to get off my ass.

I Didn’t Let It Go…

I’m one of those folks that has a (bad) habit of hanging on to things far longer than I should. ¬†I’ll look at something that I’ve had on a shelf or in a closet and know full well that I am likely never to need/use it. BUT… I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. ¬†What if I end up actually needing it? ¬†Is it something I can replace if I ever want it again? ¬†Is it really hurting anything by just staying where it’s at in case I need it?

The reality is that in more cases than not, I absolutely should get rid of some of the $hit I have on shelves and stuffed in closets. ¬†In some cases – more recently, because I’m getting better about it – I have gotten rid of some stuff. (I still have a long way to go) ¬†My only motivation, though, might have been just to have space for the next item that I want, but I have gotten rid of stuff that was ultimately serving only two¬†functions, collecting dust and taking up space.

There have been a few things, though, that I have absolutely refused to part with, and I have kept them for years. ¬†One category of items is books. ¬†I don’t have a huge collection of books, but I have many. ¬†Most are role-playing game books (D&D, etc.). Others are books from my favorite authors (Feist, Brooks, Zahn and others). ¬†Some of these books I have not picked up in years, and we’re talking about some of these being 30+ years old. They’ve moved with me from place to place, and ended up on shelves in an area of the home that my wife has deemed acceptable. ¬†I simply refuse to get rid of them. ¬†Having them is a comfort, I suppose. ¬†They contain great memories, especially the RPG books. ¬†Great stories, read and wrought, have come from these books. ¬†I am not likely to ever get rid of them. ¬†It will be a burden my daughter will have to deal with when I am no longer able to live.

The other array of things I have kept over many years are the mental expulsions I have put onto paper Рboth cellulose and electronic.  This collection contains the results of musings, inspiration and/or motivation from many role-playing game campaigns and my less than stellar attempts at smithing words.  Like the books, this collection possesses memories of things from a major portion of my life.  I can remember great times sitting at the table with my players when I look at some of my old game notes.  I look at a poem or snippet of story idea and, love it or hate it, remember that writing is part of who I am, no matter how poorly I perform that act.

Well, hanging on to this stuff has helped inspire/motivate me a bit again. ¬†I have been lacking in my endeavor to craft some yarns. ¬†So hanging on to this stuff might have actually been worth it… to me, anyway. ¬†I found half-drawn maps of my fantasy world the other night. ¬†I have since spread them out on a table and started working on them again. ¬†This inspired a¬†post about Welandar – the kingdom in this world where my ideas are trying to manifest – here¬†– and a story here that I am going to put in that world. ¬†I’m hoping I’ll stick with it now that I’ve grown older… and maybe up a bit ūüėČ

So, I guess the point I’m trying to make – if there is a point to this ramble – is that hanging on to certain things is a good thing. My advice, though, is to figure out what those things are and work on clearing out the rest. ¬†It might just make room for more good stuff. ¬†There is nothing wrong with hanging on to things that remind you of good times or inspire you to do something you enjoy.

Want to go for a walk?

The Kingdom of Welandar has been a place in my head for quite some time now. ¬†It’s obscured by mist that ebbs and flows over it. ¬†Sometimes I can see the kingdom with reasonable clarity. ¬†Oft times, however, I can’t make out the details and features that it contains.

I do know it’s been around for generations. ¬†Many kings and queens have occupied the castle in the capital city of the same name. The side-by-side thrones that are placed on a raised dais in The Great Hall have born many souls of noble standing. ¬†Some have been benevolent personas – kind, fair and generous. ¬†Others… well… not so much. ¬†Welandar is no stranger to struggle and strife. ¬†It is also no stranger to greatness in its time.

It is a sizable kingdom given its population. ¬†Welandar, the city, is quite large with many supporting communities within 10 or so leagues. ¬†But there are other smaller cities, towns and villages that are up to many hundreds of leagues from the capital. ¬†There are considerable distances between them, in some cases, with nothing but wilderness, and yet, all are considered to be within the borders of the kingdom. ¬†In their varying histories,¬†being part of the Kingdom of Welandar has mostly been by choice… mostly.

Want to go for a walk and find out more about this land?