Well… Hmmm

I try not to let this sleeping blog lie for too long. And now I feel like it’s been too long since I banged on the keyboard for this bloggy thingy. So, here I am… Tah Dah I have NOT been inactive on the keyboard, but… I haven’t been pounding out words 😳 I have […]

The End of the Week… a Good Thing

^^^^ This… Well… another week in the books. It was an interesting week here in DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). We got cold temperatures that have not been felt here for about 30 years – 1989, I believe. On top of that we got enough snow to make a mess of the Metroplex. It doesn’t take much, […]

Should I Go Pro?

So, WordPress.com sent me an email today. They’re offering 50% off their paid plans… Would I benefit from getting a paid plan with the extra buzzers and whistles? I’ve covered this ground before, but the difference now is that 50% thing. I would probably enjoy having more settings to tweak. It might be kinda cool […]

I Need A Project?

I think I need a distraction… a writing distraction. I post on here, of course. I have been kinda writing for my D&D campaigns. That writing, though, is not much more than some notes and the occasional blurb for a cut-scene or in-game prop (like a note or letter from a non-player character for story […]

Game Night: Gotta Keep It All Straight

Those of us that play tabletop role-playing games, whether we are dungeon masters/game masters, players, or both, face a particular challenge… trying to keep our game information organized.  You might be surprised how much information there is for “just a game” 😉 Tabletop role-playing games are also referred to as “pen and paper” games.  There […]

Racing Rats… Oh Yeah, Game Night

Well, the fingers are tapping the keys tonight. I guess I should try and influence the tapping to see if something resembling a modicum of intelligence can be cast to this digital medium. So much for the intelligence part… that was it. … … … A few weeks back into the rat race and I […]

Getting My Legs Under Me

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I bitched about not liking where the world around me was headed and how I was dealing with it (not all that well, I suppose). I’ve been trying to get my “rhythm” back, and that hasn’t been easy. I’ve been stressing about stuff at work and what […]

Game Night Will Soon Be Afoot!

A week from this Sunday (January 3rd), my group and I dive back into the Kingdom of Welandar. When we last left Theren, Fang, Bran, and Hilly were about to take a river taxi to an estate on Royal Island that has its own private access to the river. With the help of Lady Felza’s […]

Ahh, the Winter Holidays…

I’ll be honest and say that I am not a huge fan of the winter holidays. I don’t hate them, but the stress and craziness getting ready for and through them are things I tolerate versus enjoy. But… I do like being around family and friends during this time of the year. I don’t get […]