A Needed Break…

My apologies for no posts in the past couple of weeks. It seems that I am in need of a break from my creative/writing endeavors. I guess I need to recharge the mental batteries. I can’t say that I will not be posting periodically, but I want to make sure y’all know that I may […]

Bush Dragons & Loads of Toads

HERE THERE BE DRAGONS!!! The anole – just like the one you can buy in a pet store – is native to Texas and other parts of the southeastern U.S. Over the past few years, a few of them have decided that my yard is worthy of becoming their home. I call them Bush Dragons. […]

Upping The Blog Game

So, Jay made a post recently about supporting people’s blogs. In a nutshell, the question was how she/we could support the blogs of our fellow bloggers. We gave a couple of answers in the comments section. Take a look. What about our own blogs, though? Obviously, the support thing is very appreciated. It’s great to […]

The Oven is ON 😐

Nature turned off the faucet and kicked on the oven. We have switched from almost daily rain and flood warnings to weather that has started reaching into the mid and upper 90s (30s in C). I think episodes of rain are going to be less and less as we start kicking Summer into high gear […]

Been Busy…

So, I got back from that visit to my hometown, and my routine and normal plans got shot to hell. Sorry for not posting before now, and I’ll apologize again for this short post. All kinds of other stuff has kept me from this bloggy thingy. Every time I think I can sit down and […]

A Visit Home

So, these past few days the wife and I took a trip Home. I had not been in StL (St. Louis for the uninitiated) since July of last year. This COVID bullshit has been kinda screwing with life as we all know 😕 But finally, it was time to make the 10-hour trip and enjoy […]

Allergy Zombie…

That’s exactly how it sounds… allergy zombie. The plants and trees are horny here in Texas, and I guess that means I am supposed to suffer while they have sex. Sounds kinda weird when you put it that way, huh? BUT IT’S THEIR POLLEN THAT CAUSES THIS SHIT 😡 So yeah, I have seasonal allergies […]

Game Night, Welandar Ch. 2-1, Decisions, Decisions

There was a bit of difficulty deciding what to do… After getting back to the dead king’s private altar to Mentari, the group finds Captain Grig beginning to wake up from a nap that began under mysterious circumstances. As the group was previously heading toward the secret entrance to the castle dungeon, Captain Grig simply […]

Game Night; Welandar, Chapt. 2 Begins

Nearly 2 years ago, I became Dungeon Master of a small group to play D&D 5e (Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition). I proposed a homebrew campaign/world in which the group seemed to be interested… This coming Sunday, we start chapter 2 of the Welandar Campaign. It will be session 42. Yes, 41 Game Nights played […]

Took a Little Trip to Vega$

My wife’s friend had never been to Las Vegas. We decided to change that status. So, we planned a little trip for 4 to Sin City… The wife and I have been to Vegas a few times before. We have fun every time we go. This time the fun was being able to share it […]